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Victory for Husbands!


So along with having a child comes the nursery. And with having a baby girl I didnt have much choice but to have a pink room in our house. There has always been the essentials of a nursery crib, dresser, and changing table or some combination of the three. And at least back when I was a kid a rocker chair. It seems like rocking chairs are long gone and everyone has to have a glider. I’m sure they are really nice and make putting a crying child to sleep easier but most don’t recline? Continue reading


I should have learned by now…

So over the past few days off I thought it might be a nice thing to encourage the wife to get a few new maternity clothes. WRONG.

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Gray Hairs at the BMV

So as my wife’s 25th birthday approached, it was time to head to the BMV. I know your probably thinking I started getting gray hairs from the staff at the BMV. Actually the experience at this particular location(Not telling location for fear of it becoming crowded 🙂 was great! In and out in about 20 minutes or so. Continue reading

My Wife’s Butterball

So as the days go on in this crazy pregnancy. I have learned alot! Mostly by error but either way I have learned alot (Mainly what not to say/do. Sorry babe.)

Every day I stare at my wife’s butterball belly. (See lesson learned) And every day my love grows not only for my wife but the little one growing inside of her. Her Mini-Me. Corny yes. But true.

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So were pregnant….Really?


So were pregnant! Awesome this is so exciting! After all we have been wanting this for awhile. Cant wait to prepare the room, to get all the latest and greatest baby stuff, and eventually bring the little guy/girl home!

My wife has been going through all the typical first trimester feelings and emotions. As you may have read here . She can tell that clothes are starting to feel a little more snug and her bathroom trips have become more frequent. She is already starting her bond with our child. And me?

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This weekend my wife and I were on the road again heading up north to see some family and friends. A weekend full of celebration and just hanging out at the Hall of Fame weekend is something we’ve done for as long as I can remember.

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A True Miracle

As I have said, my wife and I are expecting our first child. We couldn’t be more excited about the many memories that are going to be made. Its no surprise that this is a heaven sent miracle from up above.

After being married for about 2 and half years, we decided to start trying to have a child this past November. My wife was beyond ready for this adventure while I was extremely nervous. I’m definitely a planner and not always ready to welcome something I know nothing about.

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