A Pink World…

Wow not too long ago I was saying how this whole pregnancy thing didn’t seem real. But that couldn’t be further from the truth now. IT JUST GOT REAL! I don’t even know how this post is going to go because my thoughts are all over the place but here goes…

So my wife and I were off to a Level 2 ultrasound to rule out any issues with our little guy/gal. We were just mainly praying that everything was ok and we would have a healthy baby. However in the back of our minds we knew we were about to find out what we were having.

From the beginning I always said I think I would like a girl. I really can’t tell you why I said this. My wife would tell you it was my sub conscious way of preparing for it not to be a boy. Well if that was a way of preparing it was a complete FAIL!

As the tech started doing the ultrasound. She said everything was looking the way it should. We got to see little feet and hands. And then she said would you guys like to know what it is? Of course we want to know! None of this being surprised in the delivery room for us! She said “Can you tell?”, as she zoomed in.

I said “That’s a girl.”

And then I got hit hard with all kinds of emotions. I thought in my head “IT JUST GOT REAL.” We are having a little girl. I immediately starting getting choked up thinking about this precious one. Then I started thinking about guns, wedding, clothes, and everything else that goes with raising a little girl.

This is my wife’s brief description of my reaction to the news.

I never have seen him like this before. His jaw hit the floor. He turned white as a ghost and sat down and put his head between his legs. And he kept saying “I can’t breathe. I think I’m going to puke.” He said all he could think about was the “upcoming” wedding and how he needed to buy a gun.

Its true I didn’t handle the news well. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely excited. But the supportive husband hugging his pregnant wife as they think about their future little girl I was NOT.  All I could think was ‘the wedding” not so much how am I going to pay for it, but how am I going to handle this?

I’m pretty sure I have these feelings because I know with a boy I could be tough and give alot of discipline to with no problem. But a girl? She is going to have whatever she wants just like her mother. I’m in trouble. I’m going to be a huge softy! Going home after the appointment and listening to several father-daughter wedding songs probably didn’t help any. I was lying face down on the floor thinking about the moment when I have to give her up. That’s how much I love this little miracle already.

Of course after we made all the appropriate phone calls to loved ones,(And my dad who couldn’t stop laughing at the picture of me raising a little girl) we headed to the store to check out all the girly stuff. And again I took a fastball to the gut! A PINK WORLD… That’s what I’m entering. I think I may have found one NON-pink item of clothing and it was a Halloween shirt. It’s crazy how much pink and purple stuff there was. Then I started seeing all the “Daddys little girl” “Wrapped around Daddys finger” and my favorite “My heart belongs to Daddy” shirts.

Once again all the emotions of her leaving and going off and getting married.

Later that night my wife and I were again looking at all kinds of pink stuff only this time on the computer. All of the sudden, my wife gets a huge grin on her face and a look of being surprised. Yup I know that look. Our daughter is kicking. I had yet to feel anything. That look just made me frustrated that I couldn’t feel her. Only this time. BOOM. She got me. This little baby girl, the size of a pepper, just “touched” me. I was pumped! Not only did this day make the pregnancy real by finding out the sex;  I finally felt OUR daughter. I still kind of get a little weirded out by it but was excited I finally felt her.

A few days after still feeling as if I hadn’t caught my breathe, I began clearing out one of the rooms upstairs that we referred to as “the future baby’s room” for the last year. Now that room has a baby. A baby girl. My sweet princess. As I had just about everything out and relocated, I was hit again with emotions. Couldn’t breathe again. And eyes started watering. This time all I could think about was “in 18 yrs I’ll be packing up this room again to take her off to college. Again leaving.”

I know why these feelings come up. It’s just totally wild to me how much I love this “nameless” girl(we are working on that 🙂 ). I can’t even describe this love. Its like nothing else I have ever felt. I look forward to all the times I get to share and the memories that are yet to be made with “Daddys girl.”

    • mom
    • September 9th, 2011

    Chris John…somehow you are able to put the words down and make me feel like I lived those moments with you. I DO THINK YOU OWE YOUR DAD AN APOLOGY I think you finally understand why its so hard for your father to discipline our princess xoxo

    • daddio
    • September 9th, 2011

    Front to back. . . . . I wonder how much she will get away with and how much her brothers will complain about it being “unfair”. . . . I love karma!!

    • Im sure a whole lot! And i know you will be laughing the entire time.

  1. September 22nd, 2011
  2. January 4th, 2012

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