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Victory for Husbands!


So along with having a child comes the nursery. And with having a baby girl I didnt have much choice but to have a pink room in our house. There has always been the essentials of a nursery crib, dresser, and changing table or some combination of the three. And at least back when I was a kid a rocker chair. It seems like rocking chairs are long gone and everyone has to have a glider. I’m sure they are really nice and make putting a crying child to sleep easier but most don’t recline? Continue reading


7 years ago he asked me out…

7 years ago, he asked me out. That’s right HE it’s not a typo. I was working at the local pool enjoying my summer off school. Of course my eyes would sometimes wander off the pool and onto Lindsey Anderson. She was IS something special! But I never had the guts to pursue her besides a good friendship and some probably pretty awful attempts at flirting.

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