I should have learned by now…

So over the past few days off I thought it might be a nice thing to encourage the wife to get a few new maternity clothes. WRONG.

We had just got done working out at the gym and were debating on grabbing a bite to eat before or after heading to the mall. I suggested we can just get to the mall real quick and then head home for some lunch. WRONG .

As we walked around Macys and perused all the merchandise I should have heard her stomach start to rumble. WRONG.

I began to notice her mood to switch. I thought it was just because I was pushing to try on all kind of summer maternity clothes(Hey they were on clearance). WRONG.

Answer was FOOD.

You think I would have learned this by now. WRONG.

This wasnt the first time I tried to play this deadly game. Over the past 25 weeks I have tried to see how far I could push this hungry threshold. NOT SMART.

We quickly ran swiftly power walked to the nearest eatery at the mall. After a few chicken wings, sliders, pretzel sticks, and fried pickles my lovely wife was back. SIGH.

Sure hope this is the last time I make this mistake. Probably WRONG.

So bottom line Dads-to-be… FOOD>CLOTHES

    • Carrie Whisenhunt
    • October 26th, 2011

    Matt calls this alternate-need food now- personality “The Beast”.

    • You mean “The Beast” that is the “Tyrannosaurs Wifeus”?

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