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All I Want For Christmas…

All I want for Christmas is….YOU! Jesus

As I get older I am clueless on what to tell others “what I want for Christmas.” The truth is we all receive the greatest gift of all on this day, as long as we are willing to accept it. Merry Christmas! Have a great Birthday celebration!


“Birthing” Class

So the part of pregnancy every father to be looks forward to… the end the “birthing” class. Not really. This past weekend the wife and I attended a crash course in birthing a child.

Ugh. I figured this would be a snooze since my wife and I have heard alot of literature and had first hand experience thanks to our medical schooling. But I learned a few new things. Some good and others humorous.

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Only 10 Days Till Christmas!!!

Looking to do some Christmas shopping?

Want to get your friends and family awesome gear?

Do the shopping quickly and from home?

And help someone in need?

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Answer for an Empty Feeling..

So every year around this time I get a sad empty feeling around Christmas. I always thought it could be related to not being “HOME” for Christmas or not being  a little kid anymore at Christmas and waiting at the top of the steps before we could get the green light to fly down the stairs to the Christmas tree.

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Perfect 1st Rd of Fantasy!

Usually I just tweet some frustrations with my fantasy teams for the week but 140 characters wasnt enough.

Heck it was the “Playoffs”!

3 leagues 3 team and all 3 moved on to the next round…

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Eagles @ Fins Rewind

So with the offense red hot in came another “Dream Team” to south beach. The eagles needing to win out to have a chance at the NFC East. The Fins came out on fire for a quarter. Than you had a chance to see how not only a LT but also a RT. I was unable to watch the game live due to our baby shower, which made it all the more depressing. I already knew we lost and the last time seeing Tony Sparano on the sideline.

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Welcome Cousin Kamryn

Our little girl isn’t due for a couple more months but today she got a new cousin.

Kamryn Haley Nussbaum 7lbs 5 oz


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