Gray Hairs at the BMV

So as my wife’s 25th birthday approached, it was time to head to the BMV. I know your probably thinking I started getting gray hairs from the staff at the BMV. Actually the experience at this particular location(Not telling location for fear of it becoming crowded 🙂 was great! In and out in about 20 minutes or so.

Even 20 minutes was long enough to start turning me into a “Silver Fox.” As I looked at my glowing pregnant wife getting her picture taken, I started staring at her butterball belly. And once again I was hit hard bringing me to my knees (figuratively not literally that would be weird even for the BMV).

I couldn’t help but flash forward 16 years or so and think about our daughter getting her license. O boy o boy. or in this case O girl O girl. Its going be a scary day for so many reasons.

Seatbelts, loud music, highway traffic, potholes, crazy drivers, all make me nervous about my wife driving let alone my daughter. But really that milestone just means she will be one more step closer to being all grown up.

And so I couldn’t help but think of that wise, caring, and “silver fox” father (Much how I picture myself. Maybe not so much gray hair or lack of.) in a recent car commercial. Even tho there are alot of memories to be made before that day comes I couldn’t help but just replay this scenario in my head…Over and over again…

    • Carrie Whisenhunt
    • October 17th, 2011

    haha I can picture this commercial playing in your head 🙂

    • You also can tell when Im thinking about it… Blank stare, sweat beading up on my forehead, and I turn ghostly white

  1. I’d love to be gray-haired later in life and probably carrying some kind of concealed weapon when the boy comes to take Cora Mae out for a date…I WILL BE IN THE BACK SEAT!


    • Agree! I may even get her a smartphone just so I can enable the GPS tracker!

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