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I Love Fall Part 2 (Lynd Farms)

This past weekend my wife and I headed out to Lynd Fruit Farm. Between running into family and seeing many neighbors and friends heading out to the farm via FB and twitter, we figured we had to check this place out!


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Fins @ Browns Rewind

It was time to head home for Week 3 in Cleveland. A weekend of family, friends, Tribe, and Dolphins. Well 3 out of 4 is pretty good right? Let’s get to it…

The Dolphins came into Cleveland 0-2 with their offense playing decent and defense playing like a DII college. Even tho secondary has been awful this year having Davis out didn’t help. Hillis was also ruled out last-minute. Which is a blow to the Browns,  even tho Fins held Hillis to 57yds last year, the defense is not the same at all. The only thing thats the same is they can’t cover a TE and many more problems. I knew it would be a close game coming in as neither team has the type of explosive offense to put up more than 30 pts a game on a regular basis.

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Hi Mommy and Daddy!

After 2 weeks of no baby appointments we had a few yesterday. Which 2 weeks without an appointment seemed like a little vacation from the hormonal waiting rooms we have been visiting.

It was time to head back for another ultrasound. To the same office where I was introduced to a PINK WORLD . We were back again because the Doc didn’t get quite the pictures he wanted to rule out any heart issues with our little girl.

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Texans @ Fins Rewind

So week 2, new hope for the defense and time to see if the offense could continue to click. The Texans were coming into Miami after beating the Manning-less Colts. I was hopeful for this game, I think with Manning out the Texans will come out of the AFC South. And I thought the dolphins had a shot at winning. And they had several chances but once again fell short in miserable fashion.




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I Love Fall

What’s not to love? Great food, amazing weather, and some great holidays!

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, caramel apples, apple cider, and pumpkin ice cream are some of the great fall foods. But also nothing better than chilli and cornbread on a cool fall night. Or sitting around fire cuddling up with loved ones. The best sleeping weather is also this time of year! A cool breeze blowing thru the house. Perfect for camping too!

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Pats @ Fins MNF Rewind

Ahhh finally Dolphins football season was getting ready to kick off. A MNF home opener! My best friend since kindergarten has moved back to Ohio and we can watch our first game together in years. The foundation of said friendship is based on a Miami Dolphins “Starter” jacket. Unfortunately we were playing the Pats. And while I believe in “Any Given Sunday”, great movie by the way. It’s always rough going up against an established team with an identity vs a young team trying to have one. And a shortened off-season didn’t help. So here goes my opinions and review of Monday nights game.

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A Pink World…

Wow not too long ago I was saying how this whole pregnancy thing didn’t seem real. But that couldn’t be further from the truth now. IT JUST GOT REAL! I don’t even know how this post is going to go because my thoughts are all over the place but here goes…

So my wife and I were off to a Level 2 ultrasound to rule out any issues with our little guy/gal. We were just mainly praying that everything was ok and we would have a healthy baby. However in the back of our minds we knew we were about to find out what we were having.

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