My sports dream for my daughter


Over the past weekend my father and I enjoyed the OHSAA state track meet a tradition I have greatly enjoyed for the past 9 yrs. Recently I have pictured my daughter running certain events and competing at the highest level of the sport. But witnessing this incredible story just a few feet away changed my mind on my wish for her sports career.

I always wanted her to be the best at whatever she choose to do but now I just wish she would the kind of heart Megan Vogel did. After winning the state championship in the mile Megan had to compete in the 2 mile less than an hour later. As Megan came towards the end she approached an oppoent that literally couldnt crawl towards the finish. I’m getting goosebumps after just writing this post. As she approached the struggling runner, she not only picked her up and carried her to the end but was sure to have her competitor finish in front of her. That meant Vogel finished last. Something she has never done before. But her response to finishing last was that it was fate that lead her to the last place.  Thank you Meghan for changing my view on my daughters “sports career.”

Read more about Megan Vogel and watch the video here… CLICK HERE

  1. If you understand what it takes to compete at a level of a champion then you will understand the heart of a true competitor Megan Vogel!! What a moment and so glad I was there to witness it.

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