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Addiction…Pick An Ending!


I love getting high. And if I don’t get my fix on a daily basis you don’t want to be around me. I want this high I need this high I desire this high. Most often I need this rush before noon.


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Addiction Part 2…”To the left”


So the nice path to the left…

I love this runners high it propels me to have amazing days! I often come home and return to that school girl chatter box. I just start running around the house like the energizer bunny.

This high of endorphins flying thru your body makes you feel like your on cloud 9. And what better way to get a natural high than getting some great exercises.

It’s no doubt an addiction in the sense that I desire it daily and sometimes feel as if I need it to have a great day.  Not such an awful addiction to have.

How about you? Do love getting high off your Asics, Nikes, or other running shoes? I DO!

Addiction Part 2.. “To the right”


The not so picture perfect path to the right…

But it wasn’t until the past few weeks I realized how addicted to it I am. And I truly can’t decide if it’s a good thing or bad thing.

I finally started seeing this as a flaw back when my wife and I traveled up the famous US 62 .

I planned on running that morning but when I got home I didn’t have the time. It was time to hit the road. I immediately went into my funk. It’s not a fun ride thru the country when im in a mood like this. I’m just overwhelmed with emotions that “Snowball”

-Man I didn’t run
-This was not my plan for the day
-Now I feel like a fatty when I eat for the rest of the day
-I’ll probably be out of shape next time I run
-Now that my heart isn’t getting exercise it will probably quit on me tomorrow
-All these horse and buggies are going to make us late
-Great now my wife is feeling sick
-So much for a nice drive thru the country
-Now she wants me to stop for the bathroom. Really going to be late now. No parade for us.

And then after my wife’s stomach didn’t agree with the country roads I was like really? What in the world is wrong with me?

I ended up being a little better mood trying to take care of my sick wife but still had the energy inside of me I needed to get out. I needed my high.

I ended up finally getting it with my brother on a quick run but this was one of the first times I started thinking this addiction may not always be a positive one.

It’s also mainly the reason I don’t run in as many road races as I use to because if I miss one run I think I’ll run a horrible pace. And the race will be a disaster. It wont be fun. Etc. (See snowball above)

But other times like while on vacation in Atlantic City  A great run/workout on the boardwalk put me in a great mood. For the rest of the day, I was feeling good about myself and about what a great day we had ahead of us.

So is this bad, good, or just plain crazy?

I can’t decide what it is but when it starts having an impact on others something needs to change. Maybe get up earlier to have that outlet? Or giving your workout schedule flexibility? Whether we know it or not we all have that weight on our shoulders. It may be consciously or subconsciously being holding us back. I just struggled to understand how a positive thing like regular exercise can cause such an addiction. And then that runners high addiction can cause a negative impact on your day.

How about any of you? Have trouble when you can’t get that high?