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Peek A Boo!

I feel like I probably should start calling this blog “peek a boo” as its been several months since my last post. It just so happened we welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into the world around the same time. So needless to say I havent wanted to step away from her or our video monitored for any length of time over her first few months. But I also love the timeline this blog created up until her birth and we definitely want this “archive” to continue on for all her years.

So quick recap…

Leah is growing by the minute it seems and hitting passing all the little milestones along the way. Already hitting all our favorite summer hot spots.

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Oh! The Places You Will Go!

Recently the wife has informed me that baby girl can start recognizing voices. Also my fellow partner in the Dad to Be and blog world writes about how he communicates with his future son(front runner in my suitor search). So I have begun reading her bed time stories. I even made my wife put a pillow over her head and cover her ears so the little one and I could have some alone time. I mean when do the dads get some one on one bonding time anyways? This one is my favorite and hopefully will become hers… Continue reading

Gray Hairs at the BMV

So as my wife’s 25th birthday approached, it was time to head to the BMV. I know your probably thinking I started getting gray hairs from the staff at the BMV. Actually the experience at this particular location(Not telling location for fear of it becoming crowded 🙂 was great! In and out in about 20 minutes or so. Continue reading

My Wife’s Butterball

So as the days go on in this crazy pregnancy. I have learned alot! Mostly by error but either way I have learned alot (Mainly what not to say/do. Sorry babe.)

Every day I stare at my wife’s butterball belly. (See lesson learned) And every day my love grows not only for my wife but the little one growing inside of her. Her Mini-Me. Corny yes. But true.

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Hi Mommy and Daddy!

After 2 weeks of no baby appointments we had a few yesterday. Which 2 weeks without an appointment seemed like a little vacation from the hormonal waiting rooms we have been visiting.

It was time to head back for another ultrasound. To the same office where I was introduced to a PINK WORLD . We were back again because the Doc didn’t get quite the pictures he wanted to rule out any heart issues with our little girl.

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So were pregnant….Really?


So were pregnant! Awesome this is so exciting! After all we have been wanting this for awhile. Cant wait to prepare the room, to get all the latest and greatest baby stuff, and eventually bring the little guy/girl home!

My wife has been going through all the typical first trimester feelings and emotions. As you may have read here . She can tell that clothes are starting to feel a little more snug and her bathroom trips have become more frequent. She is already starting her bond with our child. And me?

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