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Have I told you lately…

Driving home from Christmas party #1 this song came on. And it hit me. I have been loving “my childs mother.” I get her everything she needs/wants to make her more comfortable and relaxed. Put good food in her belly. Make sure she is toasty and warm, which isn’t much of a problem, she is pregnant. 🙂 Be sure she doesn’t have to carry or lift anything and keep the house nice and clean. And plenty of massages thank you Birthing Class for that one.

But this song hit me with the fact I have been loving my wife as “my daughters mother” 110% but not as “my wife.”

Just another discovery on the way to fatherhood that my life will has already change. It’s just as important for me to love my wife and my daughters mother. Lucky for me they are the same person.

So fellow dads to be and current husbands and father any food for thought?


“Birthing” Class

So the part of pregnancy every father to be looks forward to… the end the “birthing” class. Not really. This past weekend the wife and I attended a crash course in birthing a child.

Ugh. I figured this would be a snooze since my wife and I have heard alot of literature and had first hand experience thanks to our medical schooling. But I learned a few new things. Some good and others humorous.

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Welcome Cousin Kamryn

Our little girl isn’t due for a couple more months but today she got a new cousin.

Kamryn Haley Nussbaum 7lbs 5 oz


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25 Days of Christmas

So who doesn’t love Christmas?

Or Christmas music?

Or Christmas movies?

Since everyone that has a pulse answered yes to all those I know my little girl will love Christmas as well.

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As winter approaches its time for my wife and I to check out a new show on Netflix. Last year we finally started watching The Office. And who doesn’t a winter full of “Thats what she said” and constant pranks between Dwight and Jim. Good choice.

This year we are getting ready to welcome our baby girl into this crazy world in Feb 🙂 So we decide to start watching “Parenthood” on Netflix. Figured it would be appropriate.

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Happy Halloween!

Over the years my wife and I have carved some pretty awesome pumpkins. Almost all of them dealing with sports theme. Cavs, Dolphins, Tribe, Brutus, and even a MVNU volleyball (throwback to my wife’s playing days) pumpkin have been displayed over the years.

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Victory for Husbands!


So along with having a child comes the nursery. And with having a baby girl I didnt have much choice but to have a pink room in our house. There has always been the essentials of a nursery crib, dresser, and changing table or some combination of the three. And at least back when I was a kid a rocker chair. It seems like rocking chairs are long gone and everyone has to have a glider. I’m sure they are really nice and make putting a crying child to sleep easier but most don’t recline? Continue reading