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40 day plan

So lent is almost here and if any of you grew up catholic its time to give up something, Mostly as a child it was ice cream, pop, or chocolate. As I have gotten older I don’t always give something up but try and do things to remind myself of what these 40 days lead to. This year is going to be a reminder at every meal…
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Things Not To Say/Do To A Pregnant Wife…

Here are some things that all us dads should probably avoid saying/doing to our wives…

  • Ask her to rub YOUR feet
  • “Stop looking at those clothes you can’t fit into anymore”
  • As looking thru old pics.. look at your stomach or lack there of
  • After working 17hrs and 5 hrs of sleep don’t ask her if she wants to go to the gym
  • Don’t ever say anything she will eat drink whatever will harm the baby
  • Don’t tell her that her goal dress can be her senior prom dress
  • “Those boots will fit your calves better when you get kankles”
  • Don’t ever ever ever say “Whats wrong with you?”
  • Don’t throw anything at her because when she misses guess where it hits her? So when she asks for the remote don’t throw it across the room.
  • When watching one born every min. Don’t say that looked like cake. She pushed 3 times and boom it was out
  • “Don’t get me sick”

And a few things for the delivery…

  • Don’t tell your wife just go to bed its nothing because u want to sleep longer, when she tells you “I think my water just broke”
  • Don’t say your hungry during labor
  • Don’t say its going to be a long day
  • Don’t ask if she could wait another 22 hrs till mybirthday
  • Don’t say man my feet hurt from walking 5 hrs thru the halls
  • Don’t slide all around the delivery room in the “Drs” chair

Thankfully my wife is a good sport and we had a lot more laughs than “evil eyes.” But just a heads up to all you soon to be dads.

Our First Dance…

I cant even write any words to describe this moment so Ill just let the song play…

My Sweet “Leah Belle”

Where do I even begin? The absolute most amazing time I have and probably will ever have occurred this past week. The much anticipated birth of our baby girl.

You don’t believe the time has finally come do you?

Neither did I. When my wife tried waking me up at around 2AM to tell me her water broke, I half asleep tried to insist “Just go back to bed. You probably peed yourself.” Once I came to the ridiculousness of that I ended running around saying “Wheres my bag????” Of course my wife responded “You don’t have one. I told you to pack one” CRAP! But we managed and still got to the hospital in plenty of time.

My good friend and recent Dad told me how “amazing” it is what your wife can do. I believed and trusted him but I thought ya I know she is amazing that’s why I married her. But the entire laboring process just drove the point home to me on what he was trying to say.

5 hrs of walking the halls attempting to progress the labor, epidural issues causing it not to work until just two hours before birth and working thru all that to 7cm before any pain relief, 16 hrs of labor, and of course pushing our precious girl into this world. Thru all that is where my eyes widened to see what my wife handled so well. Doing all this while I encouraged her to try to hold on just 6 more hrs until my birthday.

But lil Leah wanted me to know that she will always be “number 1” and she wanted her own birthday, 2-1-12. Pretty sweet number sequence.

As always God is faithful, his timing is perfect and the supporting staff were amazing. He watched over her throughout the pregnancy and when she came out wearing 2 necklaces and a bracelet (Cord wrapped around her head twice and arm). And if I had one wish for my baby girl it would be…

3 John 1:4
I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.

Like my wife said “words can’t describe the feeling.” And alot of people throw that around for alot of different life events but this is IT! As it all unfolded tears poured down my face and laughter came bursting out. It was just so surreal! And when she first opened her beautiful eyes and looked at me she claimed my heart forever.

Leah Gayle Neading


7lbs 11oz

20 in long