So were pregnant….Really?


So were pregnant! Awesome this is so exciting! After all we have been wanting this for awhile. Cant wait to prepare the room, to get all the latest and greatest baby stuff, and eventually bring the little guy/girl home!

My wife has been going through all the typical first trimester feelings and emotions. As you may have read here . She can tell that clothes are starting to feel a little more snug and her bathroom trips have become more frequent. She is already starting her bond with our child. And me?

Well honestly I don’t feel much different. Really nothing has changed that much. Besides the fact that it looks like my wife had a couple too many late night snacks. Of course she looks beautiful carrying our child, but I don’t think anything is different. When people ask: How are you doing? Are you ready for this? I’m excited of course but I also have to think about it  for a minute or two or three. Ya I guess we are pregnant.

Am I a horrible husband/Dad-to-be? I don’t feel the same “bond” my wife feels. Although I am definitely on the ride of the emotional roller coaster that is pregnancy. Maybe once she gets a little bigger I guess?  I just don’t think the BOMB has hit me yet like on the Maury show. “YOU ARE THE FATHER.” My partner in this blogging adventure had that moment not to long ago and you read about it here->

Every book I read and everyone I talk to says that once I hold the baby in my hands all those feelings, or lack of, will change in a moment. I hope so because as for now I still feel like a couple of newly weds just enjoying everyday together without the diapers, midnight feedings, baby accessories, and safety latches all over the house. Time will tell and I look forward to it but also trying to enjoy every craving, sore feet, aching back, and naps along the road.

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