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All I Want For Christmas…

All I want for Christmas is….YOU! Jesus

As I get older I am clueless on what to tell others “what I want for Christmas.” The truth is we all receive the greatest gift of all on this day, as long as we are willing to accept it. Merry Christmas! Have a great Birthday celebration!


Answer for an Empty Feeling..

So every year around this time I get a sad empty feeling around Christmas. I always thought it could be related to not being “HOME” for Christmas or not being  a little kid anymore at Christmas and waiting at the top of the steps before we could get the green light to fly down the stairs to the Christmas tree.

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Exciting LAUNCH

Over the past few weeks a friend and I have been working on exciting LAUNCH.


A movement that is slowly working its way out of Texas and to many parts of the country and world. My brother-in-law was first when to show me I AM SECOND. And I love what they are about. We hope that it can be an open forum to talk about sports, like, and Christ. And all the challenges and struggles that come with it.

So if your interested in a men’s group thats REAL in NE columbus check us out details will be coming soon… I AM SECOND NE COLS

Taking that step…Or not?

So several years ago when we first moved to Columbus my wife and I went “church shopping.” Ugh that wasn’t fun. In and out of different churches for a few months trying to figure out where we should be.

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Home Sweet Storage Barn

Are You Rich? Are You Poor? Are you An American?

If you answered yes to the 3rd question then you’re not rich you and I are FILTHY rich!

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Bible VS Android

(How Cool Is This Pic?)

Yes this is the current battle that goes on(or should go on) in my mind everyday.

Smartphones are amazing! They can do anything from watching movies to finding the closest coffee shop. And I love all the things I can get done from almost anywhere.

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100 Percent?

How much effort do you put into things? 75%? 90%? Or more like 40%? Maybe it matters what it is. For me something sports related would be close to if not 100%. Now doing the laundry for example more like 50% if I’m lucky. I HATE folding clothes! Probably because I’m awful at it.

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