Victory for Husbands!


So along with having a child comes the nursery. And with having a baby girl I didnt have much choice but to have a pink room in our house. There has always been the essentials of a nursery crib, dresser, and changing table or some combination of the three. And at least back when I was a kid a rocker chair. It seems like rocking chairs are long gone and everyone has to have a glider. I’m sure they are really nice and make putting a crying child to sleep easier but most don’t recline?
I like most men have been pushing for a recliner in our household since we got married. And like clockwork I’m shut down every time. I think mostly because my wife fears the recliner would become my new best friend, especially during football season 🙂

As we prepared the nursery one of the inlaws neighbors wanted us to have her 100 yd old rocking chair that was made at Taylor Chair (An old chair company in Bedford, OH). This was def a gem of a chair. I thought someone from storage wars or auction wars was going to try to get this piece from us. With all that history and from both our hometown how could we not put this in the nursery?

My wife still wanted a glider for the family room for feedings and cuddling with the soon to be born baby girl. I thought hmmm I can compromise with that. It’s like a recliner, right? Well turns out only a few of these gilders actually recline. And those that do are pretty expensive. If you are about to tell my wife about a cheap reclining glider bite your tongue I’m on my way to VICTORY!

We ended up getting a little more serious in our search. I had always suggested an actual recliner instead but that always seemed to last about 30 secs. And surprisingly I have learned to choose these battles wisely give in to all my pregnant wife’s decisions. But today she saw the light.

We passed a recliner that matched our current sectional perfectly. And before I could even casually suggest it she was sunken into a relaxation bliss. With it being cheaper than some glider options she was sold! I tried to hold back my excitement. But I couldn’t. This was not only a great day for myself but for husbands everywhere!

But just yesterday as she was reading her book she said “I wish my recliner was her to read my book.” Wait. Did I just get tricked?

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