Hi Mommy and Daddy!

After 2 weeks of no baby appointments we had a few yesterday. Which 2 weeks without an appointment seemed like a little vacation from the hormonal waiting rooms we have been visiting.

It was time to head back for another ultrasound. To the same office where I was introduced to a PINK WORLD https://cneading.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/a-pink-world/ . We were back again because the Doc didn’t get quite the pictures he wanted to rule out any heart issues with our little girl.

As we headed back to the room I was hit with the same nerves I was before. And then as I sat in the chair and the tech greased up my wife’s little butterball, I was hit with a sense of peace. (Also will probably be hit as well when my wife finds out I called her stomach a butterball.)  No more not knowing or worrying about the future (At least for the moment). It was time to just sit back and fully appreciate our baby girl. The little thing was much more cooperative this time. Even tho she did put her arms across her face like an “X” (She’s already a little Diva) we got some great pictures. Most importantly she was strong and healthy and there were no concerns with her heart.

One picture that made my eyes and smile light up was when the tech showed us pics in 3D or 4D or something like that. One of the pictures showed her with a huge smile on her face as to say “Hi Mommy and Daddy! I’m your little girl!” (Who is still nameless by the way) I’m not sure I’ll never forget that sight. (Sadly we didnt get a print out of it but its planted firmly in my mind) It was the first time I could associate a face to the love I feel towards her.

As the tech continued measuring and showing different pics of her, my wife and I just sat back enjoyed the afternoon. She looked to be chewing on her hands, moving her arms all around, and like always kicking her mommy’s bladder. We got to see her ears(which I hope wont be as big as mine were are).

Each ultrasound was amazing in its own way. Once feelings of “How in the world can I raise a little girl?” to the latest one where I just thought to myself “Thats my girl!”

  1. dude so exciting!! babies are the best.

    • Definitely going to be a great time! Looking forward to the “little moments” ahead.

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