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My sports dream for my daughter


Over the past weekend my father and I enjoyed the OHSAA state track meet a tradition I have greatly enjoyed for the past 9 yrs. Recently I have pictured my daughter running certain events and competing at the highest level of the sport. But witnessing this incredible story just a few feet away changed my mind on my wish for her sports career. Continue reading


Perfect 1st Rd of Fantasy!

Usually I just tweet some frustrations with my fantasy teams for the week but 140 characters wasnt enough.

Heck it was the “Playoffs”!

3 leagues 3 team and all 3 moved on to the next round…

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Eagles @ Fins Rewind

So with the offense red hot in came another “Dream Team” to south beach. The eagles needing to win out to have a chance at the NFC East. The Fins came out on fire for a quarter. Than you had a chance to see how not only a LT but also a RT. I was unable to watch the game live due to our baby shower, which made it all the more depressing. I already knew we lost and the last time seeing Tony Sparano on the sideline.

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Raiders @ Fins Rewind

After last weeks let down on Thanksgiving forcing the Dolphins to a best case scenario of 8-8 it would be interesting to see how they would respond. They welcomed the Raiders and heck if the Dolphins were in the AFC West they probably still have a playoff shot.

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Fins @ Cowboys Thanksgiving Rewind

Happy Thanksgiving to me! TurDuckEn and Dolphins play the Cowboys! Coming into today the Dolphins are as hot as they have been since winning the division. And when you have thanksgiving Dolphins and Cowboys you also have to throw in Leon Lett. Hopefully the Dolphins don’t need a Leon Lett type miracle today.

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Bills @ Fins Rewind

Winning two straight the Dolphins welcome the Bills to Sun Life stadium. The bills looked like a powerful offense at the beginning of the year. A good test for the Dolphins inconsistent defense.


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Redskins @ Fins Rewind

After the Dolphins fell out of a tie last week for Andrew Luck, they looked ahead to another winnable game against the Skins. And if the Dolphins could get 2 wins this year and would def eliminate them from the Luck sweepstakes. But hey I can’t really complain about a win. Right?

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