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Addiction…Pick An Ending!


I love getting high. And if I don’t get my fix on a daily basis you don’t want to be around me. I want this high I need this high I desire this high. Most often I need this rush before noon.


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Addiction Part 2…”To the left”


So the nice path to the left…

I love this runners high it propels me to have amazing days! I often come home and return to that school girl chatter box. I just start running around the house like the energizer bunny.

This high of endorphins flying thru your body makes you feel like your on cloud 9. And what better way to get a natural high than getting some great exercises.

It’s no doubt an addiction in the sense that I desire it daily and sometimes feel as if I need it to have a great day.  Not such an awful addiction to have.

How about you? Do love getting high off your Asics, Nikes, or other running shoes? I DO!