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Fins @ Jets Rewind

So 0-4 “Star” WR says he is going to get throw out in 2nd quarter and back in the national spotlight. Even tho overall record isn’t great the past few years, at least the Fins were 4-1 against the Jets recently. But with the Jets trying to avoid a 4th straight loss, and Miami trying to lose for Luck get their first win. So if I told you we would have the ball in the redzone three times and the Jets only have one drive that didn’t go 3 and out. You be happy right? WRONG



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Pats @ Fins MNF Rewind

Ahhh finally Dolphins football season was getting ready to kick off. A MNF home opener! My best friend since kindergarten has moved back to Ohio and we can watch our first game together in years. The foundation of said friendship is based on a Miami Dolphins “Starter” jacket. Unfortunately we were playing the Pats. And while I believe in “Any Given Sunday”, great movie by the way. It’s always rough going up against an established team with an identity vs a young team trying to have one. And a shortened off-season didn’t help. So here goes my opinions and review of Monday nights game.

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