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Exciting LAUNCH

Over the past few weeks a friend and I have been working on exciting LAUNCH.


A movement that is slowly working its way out of Texas and to many parts of the country and world. My brother-in-law was first when to show me I AM SECOND. And I love what they are about. We hope that it can be an open forum to talk about sports, like, and Christ. And all the challenges and struggles that come with it.

So if your interested in a men’s group thats REAL in NE columbus check us out details will be coming soon… I AM SECOND NE COLS


Taking that step…Or not?

So several years ago when we first moved to Columbus my wife and I went “church shopping.” Ugh that wasn’t fun. In and out of different churches for a few months trying to figure out where we should be.

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Fins @ Cowboys Thanksgiving Rewind

Happy Thanksgiving to me! TurDuckEn and Dolphins play the Cowboys! Coming into today the Dolphins are as hot as they have been since winning the division. And when you have thanksgiving Dolphins and Cowboys you also have to throw in Leon Lett. Hopefully the Dolphins don’t need a Leon Lett type miracle today.

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Who Gets The Wishbone?

In my family we have the turkey, gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, green beans, sweet potato, and all the other foods that come with the holiday.

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Bills @ Fins Rewind

Winning two straight the Dolphins welcome the Bills to Sun Life stadium. The bills looked like a powerful offense at the beginning of the year. A good test for the Dolphins inconsistent defense.


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Home Sweet Storage Barn

Are You Rich? Are You Poor? Are you An American?

If you answered yes to the 3rd question then you’re not rich you and I are FILTHY rich!

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BitterSweet End

My wife and I have coached Club Volleyball together for the past few years. The last few at Facedown Volleyball.

Our first team was kind of like the Bad News Bears. A team that didn’t have the most talent but progressed into a championship team by the end.

2 years ago we  inherited a “loaded” team. They were fun to watch and we won a bunch of games. But never really felt like “OUR” team.

Then there was last year…WOW what an experience.

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