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40 day plan

So lent is almost here and if any of you grew up catholic its time to give up something, Mostly as a child it was ice cream, pop, or chocolate. As I have gotten older I don’t always give something up but try and do things to remind myself of what these 40 days lead to. This year is going to be a reminder at every meal…
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2011 Rewind

A few days late but a moment to reflect on the year my family had together…

  • I became closer to 30 than 20 in Feb 😦
  • Of course in May found out my wife was pregnant True Miracle
  • Also in May we celebrated our first year in our first home
  • Started this blog in response to expecting our first child in August
  • Had tragedy in the neighborhood but saw what our community looked like also in August
  • Went on our last couples vacation without kids to Atlantic City in August
  • Found out the child we were expecting was a baby girl and then I had a freak out moment in September.
  • In October went on a “Baby Moon” with my wife to Niagara Falls
  • Made yet another step… this time backwards in a good way in my our church home in November.
  • Launched an I Am Second small group in NE Columbus with a friend in December.

Thats a quick highlight of an amazing year and easily the most exciting news is the upcoming birth of our baby girl in Feb! (hopefully)

Only 10 Days Till Christmas!!!

Looking to do some Christmas shopping?

Want to get your friends and family awesome gear?

Do the shopping quickly and from home?

And help someone in need?

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BitterSweet End

My wife and I have coached Club Volleyball together for the past few years. The last few at Facedown Volleyball.

Our first team was kind of like the Bad News Bears. A team that didn’t have the most talent but progressed into a championship team by the end.

2 years ago we  inherited a “loaded” team. They were fun to watch and we won a bunch of games. But never really felt like “OUR” team.

Then there was last year…WOW what an experience.

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Have you ever run into some friends you haven’t seen in months maybe even years? You all act shocked and surprised to see each other. You casually talk about what’s “new” in life and maybe say “we should really get together soon.”

But you never do.

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Gym Thoughts From This Morning…

Gym thoughts from this morning…

1) Every time I’m swimming in a quiet low lit indoor pool cant help but think of swim fan. Especially now that I’m hooked on Parenthood with Erika Christensen. She is still a little creepy in my book.

2) Why in the world does a mile long swim feel 20x harder than my 4 mile run this morning when its a quarter of this distance!

3) This “Superhero” workout @dyzir13 has me doing is amazing and is really helping my shoulder! Personal trainer as a good friend is priceless. You guys have to check him out @dyzir13 or his blog A Personal Trainer’s Blog shoot him some questions!

4) Prego wife is still faster than me swimming. I’m convinced that the little one is kicking with her giving her an unfair advantage. Already out numbered. Geeze.

5) Best thing about going to the gym twice in the morning is DOUBLE the free smoothie samples!! WINNING!


As winter approaches its time for my wife and I to check out a new show on Netflix. Last year we finally started watching The Office. And who doesn’t a winter full of “Thats what she said” and constant pranks between Dwight and Jim. Good choice.

This year we are getting ready to welcome our baby girl into this crazy world in Feb 🙂 So we decide to start watching “Parenthood” on Netflix. Figured it would be appropriate.

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