My Wife’s Butterball

So as the days go on in this crazy pregnancy. I have learned alot! Mostly by error but either way I have learned alot (Mainly what not to say/do. Sorry babe.)

Every day I stare at my wife’s butterball belly. (See lesson learned) And every day my love grows not only for my wife but the little one growing inside of her. Her Mini-Me. Corny yes. But true.

I don’t verbalize this to her but it seems like her belly is growing by the second. See the parallel? I didn’t till just the other day. As her belly grows by the day so does my love for my lil girl. It’s crazy to think this parallel is going to continue all the way till the E.D.C.(Estimated Date of Confinement) Really? Like I want to think about my future daughter being imprisoned. Ridiculous.

Anyways about my love. Its going to grow just as her belly does until it burst! Just as my wife’s belly burst so will probably all kinds of the emotions in that hospital room (I hope we make it to a hospital room!) I know her belly doesn’t literally exploded and the aftermath is a baby but you get the point. Both her belly and my love will grow together until neither of us can take it anymore!(My heart and her belly)

Everyone always tells you “its the greatest thing ever” (Having a child) And as this love grows side by side with her belly I’m starting to slowly understand that. I can only imagine how that love continues to grow thru the years and then she will go off to college meet a boy get married and me gone… Ok I have to stop here for fear of ANOTHER breakdown.

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