Atlantic City Rewind

My wife and I just returned from a relaxing vacation on the beach/boardwalk with some friends. We usually spend our vacation rushed checking out all the sights of NYC or NOLA in just a few days. This vacation was different and an enjoyable time just taking it easy.

To start off squeezing two pregnant women in the back of a Chevy Aveo and packing the trunk for 4 people is definitely a challenge but we worked it out. Now on the return somehow things didn’t go back quite right. Being the men we are, there was no way we were letting the bellhop take care of it!

As husbands, I think we both prepared ourselves for the worse when it came to comfort and how well our pregnant wives would handle the trip. And if I do say so myself they did great! Probably better than myself honestly. I can’t stand the state of PA or tolls for that matter.

As for the week we got to see an airshow all day on Wednesday. Which was my favorite part besides my sweet purchase. For 3 bucks I got a fanny pack, green sunglasses, and a matching neon green strap to keep them around my neck(lost my sunglasses in the first set of waves even after being warned by my wife.) Also had some great seafood! Tried and LOVED oysters. We all definitely enjoyed probably the last vacation with no little ones running around. Of course I loved spending time on the beach with my GLOWING wife as well.

One thing us husbands learned, was we had to remember with pregnant women that when they want to eat/pee/sleep they needed  it 30 min ago and wanted it an hour ago. So we slowly figured it out by the end of the trip. We threw some icing on the cake for them by stopping at an outlet mall on the way home. Happy Pregnant Wives make for a Happy Trip! And there was some football watching going on as well so WIN WIN.

Although while shopping the 4 of us witnessed what are next trip may look like. As we all were shopping, we saw a small child having the mother of all meltdowns! As we watched the kid being dragged across the floor like a limp noodle we just looked at each other. Thinking “Oh my! Are we ready for that?” It certainly will be an adventure but look forward to doing with another couple going though all the same stages.

We all really had a great time on the Boardwalk and look forward to our next trip +2

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    • nancy
    • August 24th, 2011

    LOL….Just wait!!!!!

    • It will certainly be an adventure! Kind of the Disney all over again.

  1. September 1st, 2011
  2. January 4th, 2012

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