Our First Dance…

I cant even write any words to describe this moment so Ill just let the song play…


My Sweet “Leah Belle”

Where do I even begin? The absolute most amazing time I have and probably will ever have occurred this past week. The much anticipated birth of our baby girl.

You don’t believe the time has finally come do you?

Neither did I. When my wife tried waking me up at around 2AM to tell me her water broke, I half asleep tried to insist “Just go back to bed. You probably peed yourself.” Once I came to the ridiculousness of that I ended running around saying “Wheres my bag????” Of course my wife responded “You don’t have one. I told you to pack one” CRAP! But we managed and still got to the hospital in plenty of time.

My good friend and recent Dad told me how “amazing” it is what your wife can do. I believed and trusted him but I thought ya I know she is amazing that’s why I married her. But the entire laboring process just drove the point home to me on what he was trying to say.

5 hrs of walking the halls attempting to progress the labor, epidural issues causing it not to work until just two hours before birth and working thru all that to 7cm before any pain relief, 16 hrs of labor, and of course pushing our precious girl into this world. Thru all that is where my eyes widened to see what my wife handled so well. Doing all this while I encouraged her to try to hold on just 6 more hrs until my birthday.

But lil Leah wanted me to know that she will always be “number 1” and she wanted her own birthday, 2-1-12. Pretty sweet number sequence.

As always God is faithful, his timing is perfect and the supporting staff were amazing. He watched over her throughout the pregnancy and when she came out wearing 2 necklaces and a bracelet (Cord wrapped around her head twice and arm). And if I had one wish for my baby girl it would be…

3 John 1:4
I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.

Like my wife said “words can’t describe the feeling.” And alot of people throw that around for alot of different life events but this is IT! As it all unfolded tears poured down my face and laughter came bursting out. It was just so surreal! And when she first opened her beautiful eyes and looked at me she claimed my heart forever.

Leah Gayle Neading


7lbs 11oz

20 in long

3 Generations…

After 5 years of patiently waiting, I was swore into the Delaware FD. It was a long time of mostly closed doors, some cracked open and others wide open. I couldn’t be happier with the department I ended up at and the company that surrounded me tonight.

It was a great night for the new recruits, including myself, but even bigger for my family. My 9 month pregnant wife, in-laws, and mother were in attendance. Most importantly grandfather(47 yrs at Plain Twp. FD) and father(24 yrs at Bedford FD) were both there to pin my badge.

Most families have 3 or 4 generation pictures when their newest great-grandson, grandson, or son is born. But not many are able to have a 3 generation picture of firefighters. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be in that picture and only hope I can be half the firefighter and public servant my father and grandfather were and continue to be.

I would be blind if I didn’t recognize the “organizer” of this entire process and be thankful and grateful to Lord. These past 5 years only affirms this verse…

Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Best quote of the night was by my grandfather saying ” You have been my grandson 26 yrs but now you are my brother”

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Have I told you lately…

Driving home from Christmas party #1 this song came on. And it hit me. I have been loving “my childs mother.” I get her everything she needs/wants to make her more comfortable and relaxed. Put good food in her belly. Make sure she is toasty and warm, which isn’t¬†much of a problem, she is pregnant. ūüôā Be sure she doesn’t¬†have to carry or lift anything and keep the house nice and clean. And plenty of massages thank you Birthing Class for that one.

But this song hit me with the fact I have been loving my wife as “my daughters mother” 110% but not as “my wife.”

Just another discovery on the way to fatherhood that my life¬†will¬†has already¬†change. It’s just as important for me to love my wife and my daughters mother. Lucky for me they are the same person.

So fellow dads to be and current husbands and father any food for thought?

Who got the dime?

New Years Day is always a sad time since it marks the beginning of all the DEdecorating of Christmas but New Years is one of my favorite holidays because of the traditions.

Of course most of us have pork and sauerkraut with all the belly busting sides to set in for a long nap in front of fire while football plays in the background. But my family big New Years tradition goes back to my Great grandparents in Greece.


Every year some bakes a type of bread or crumb cake and a dime is place in the batter. The luckily one to get the dime in their piece and hopefully not choke on it is said to have good luck for that year.

Once again I ate about 4 to 5 pieces trying to get the dime but to no a vale. But this year the most appropriate¬†person got the dime. When the wife arrived home from work last night and the cake was 75% gone she had ONE piece and BOOM the dime. As much as hoping to choke on that dime I’m glad the pregnant one found the dime. Who found the dime in your fam?

Cant wait for 2012! Going to be a HUGE year!

2011 Rewind

A few days late but a moment to reflect on the year¬†my family¬†had together…

  • I became closer to 30 than 20 in Feb ūüė¶
  • Of course in May found out my wife was pregnant True Miracle
  • Also in May we celebrated our first¬†year in¬†our first home
  • Started this blog in response to expecting our first child in August
  • Had tragedy in the neighborhood but saw what our community looked like also in August
  • Went on our last couples vacation without kids to Atlantic City in August
  • Found out the child we were expecting was a baby girl and then I had a freak out moment in September.
  • In October went on a “Baby Moon”¬†with my wife to Niagara Falls
  • Made yet another step… this time¬†backwards in a good way in my our church home¬†in November.
  • Launched an I Am Second small group in NE Columbus with a friend in December.

Thats a quick highlight of an amazing year and easily the most exciting news is the upcoming birth of our baby girl in Feb! (hopefully)

All I Want For Christmas…

All I want for Christmas is….YOU! Jesus

As I get older I am clueless on what to tell others “what I want for Christmas.” The truth is we all receive the greatest gift of all on this day, as long as we are willing to accept it. Merry Christmas! Have a great Birthday celebration!