40 day plan

So lent is almost here and if any of you grew up catholic its time to give up something, Mostly as a child it was ice cream, pop, or chocolate. As I have gotten older I don’t always give something up but try and do things to remind myself of what these 40 days lead to. This year is going to be a reminder at every meal…

About a week ago a friend recommended watching the movie “Forks Over Knifes” (Its on Netflix for anyone interested). Basically it encourages eating plants and little to no animal based foods. I don’t have all the numbers but many supported not only stopping diseases but actually reversing the effects of them.

I eat pretty well and workout on a regular basis but thanks to some great genes Im also considered with my cholesterol. And I know I need to be proactive in it.

So let’s combined those 3 things lent, plant based diet, and health concerns.

While Im not sure I can go straight to a strict plant based diet, I have to start somewhere. So for the next 40 days(after Mardi Gras of course) Im avoiding red meat and eggs to start with and see where it goes from there. Its going to be tough throughout the next few months but Im excited for the challenge, the sacrifice, and getting a little healthier.
Who’s with me?

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