Things Not To Say/Do To A Pregnant Wife…

Here are some things that all us dads should probably avoid saying/doing to our wives…

  • Ask her to rub YOUR feet
  • “Stop looking at those clothes you can’t fit into anymore”
  • As looking thru old pics.. look at your stomach or lack there of
  • After working 17hrs and 5 hrs of sleep don’t ask her if she wants to go to the gym
  • Don’t ever say anything she will eat drink whatever will harm the baby
  • Don’t tell her that her goal dress can be her senior prom dress
  • “Those boots will fit your calves better when you get kankles”
  • Don’t ever ever ever say “Whats wrong with you?”
  • Don’t throw anything at her because when she misses guess where it hits her? So when she asks for the remote don’t throw it across the room.
  • When watching one born every min. Don’t say that looked like cake. She pushed 3 times and boom it was out
  • “Don’t get me sick”

And a few things for the delivery…

  • Don’t tell your wife just go to bed its nothing because u want to sleep longer, when she tells you “I think my water just broke”
  • Don’t say your hungry during labor
  • Don’t say its going to be a long day
  • Don’t ask if she could wait another 22 hrs till mybirthday
  • Don’t say man my feet hurt from walking 5 hrs thru the halls
  • Don’t slide all around the delivery room in the “Drs” chair

Thankfully my wife is a good sport and we had a lot more laughs than “evil eyes.” But just a heads up to all you soon to be dads.

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