Who got the dime?

New Years Day is always a sad time since it marks the beginning of all the DEdecorating of Christmas but New Years is one of my favorite holidays because of the traditions.

Of course most of us have pork and sauerkraut with all the belly busting sides to set in for a long nap in front of fire while football plays in the background. But my family big New Years tradition goes back to my Great grandparents in Greece.


Every year some bakes a type of bread or crumb cake and a dime is place in the batter. The luckily one to get the dime in their piece and hopefully not choke on it is said to have good luck for that year.

Once again I ate about 4 to 5 pieces trying to get the dime but to no a vale. But this year the most appropriate person got the dime. When the wife arrived home from work last night and the cake was 75% gone she had ONE piece and BOOM the dime. As much as hoping to choke on that dime I’m glad the pregnant one found the dime. Who found the dime in your fam?

Cant wait for 2012! Going to be a HUGE year!

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