“Birthing” Class

So the part of pregnancy every father to be looks forward to… the end the “birthing” class. Not really. This past weekend the wife and I attended a crash course in birthing a child.

Ugh. I figured this would be a snooze since my wife and I have heard alot of literature and had first hand experience thanks to our medical schooling. But I learned a few new things. Some good and others humorous.

I learned one of the best ways to help relieve my wifes soon to be labor pains is the “Double Hip Squeeze.” When this one got explained to us. 20 dads to be looked at each other and started an eruption of laughter. Within seconds we all got our partners “evil eyes.”

I would receive several more “evil eyes” later on.  Mostly deserved.

Also it was nice to check out the lay of the land. Whenever we go on a trip or new adventure we do the research and if we can check it out before we head out. This was no different and when it hit me this is where we our going to meet our daughter (hopefully). Wow can’t even describe that feeling. Also we have to get a room with a jacuzzi tub! For my wife of course.

One important thing was..As men we like to fix things. But we can’t fix this. As much as we may want to try attempt to fix it for your wife YOU CANT. So just sit back listen to your wife and just be another mass in the room for support.

As the end approached we had my wife’s favorite part. Massage Techniques. These were alot more soothing than the “labor comfort” techniques and I didn’t have to hold back a constant grin based on my immaturity.

Things I learned here.. Instructions I learned here for the delivery from my wife…

Dont do it 50% use BOTH hands when giving her a massage.

Scalp massage is her favorite and the most uncomfortable for myself.  Not that that matters or anything….

No talking. I tend to talk alot about everything and my wife not so much. Silence is her wish order.

But all in all it was a great start to the bonding that all three of us will have in the hospital and I encourage every first time dad to attend even if it’s just for the laughs.

  1. January 8th, 2012

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