Perfect 1st Rd of Fantasy!

Usually I just tweet some frustrations with my fantasy teams for the week but 140 characters wasnt enough.

Heck it was the “Playoffs”!

3 leagues 3 team and all 3 moved on to the next round…

League 1 10 team

Won the regular season and #1 seed in playoffs and a miracle win to get on to the next round. DeMarco hurt but the rams DTD on MNF saved the day!

League 2 12 team

Barely squeaked in the playoffs #8 seed

Executed 3 trades right b4 the deadline to set my team up for the playoffs…

Traded Stafford for Fitz (Had Romo Still and at time Stafford finger was a concern)

Traded Blount and McGahee for Dez Bryant (Needed Dez to get Gates)

Traded Dez for Gates

My lineup now looked like this

Romo, McCoy, D.Murray, Fitz, Marshall, Nicks, and Gates.

Murray’s injury made it close but still ended with the highest score in the league all year! Thanks again to the Rams DTD!

Also I those trades were with 3 other teams. And guess who made it to the Semis? Those 3 teams and myself. It pays to trade!!!

League 3 20 team

Joined this league halfway thru the year. But extremely deep league 20 team and 50 person rosters.

Again squeaked into playoffs I was the #16 seed and upset the #1 by 2.5pts!!!

Cant wait for next weekend!

Gotta figure out how to replace DeMarco

How did your first rd fair?

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