Answer for an Empty Feeling..

So every year around this time I get a sad empty feeling around Christmas. I always thought it could be related to not being “HOME” for Christmas or not being  a little kid anymore at Christmas and waiting at the top of the steps before we could get the green light to fly down the stairs to the Christmas tree.

A few weeks back we had some of my wife’s family over. 3 kids filling the house with laughter playing and making cut out cookies. And I thought thats it! I just miss family atmosphere! I cant wait for our lil girl to come and be able to fill this empty feeling around Christmas.

But this past week at Heritage I found the real answer..

Advent season was kicking off and a service filled with a “Worship Arts” celebration and a short message. But that message was powerful to me.

Pastor talked about the Hope everyone feels around Christmas and how we can feel like its more REAL. Jesus that is. It feels as if he is more REAL, PRESENT, and HOLY. But after Christmas comes and goes we are still left with an empty feeling.


Alot of Christians feel this emptiness because we as humans want that relationship and chance to see Christ as the shepherds, angels, livestock, Joseph, and Mary did.

I was blown away by this. Not that it didn’t make sense but because I had never thought of that “feeling” like this. I still think have kids around the Holidays makes it more fun and a great celebration but can you imagine if we celebrated Christmas as if Jesus was coming back?

Simply. Wow.

So the REAL HOPE we have around the Christmas season is for what is yet to come in Jesus.

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