Eagles @ Fins Rewind

So with the offense red hot in came another “Dream Team” to south beach. The eagles needing to win out to have a chance at the NFC East. The Fins came out on fire for a quarter. Than you had a chance to see how not only a LT but also a RT. I was unable to watch the game live due to our baby shower, which made it all the more depressing. I already knew we lost and the last time seeing Tony Sparano on the sideline.


QB-Moore with time was great on his first pass. But he only had enough time about 10% of the first 3 quarters before he finally got knocked out of the game. Moore and Losman were sacked 9 times! A few dropped passes also didn’t help the Moore. Both Moore’s turnovers were due to pressure but he still must protect the ball. On the bright side he was able to connect with Marshall on a TD post to the corner!

Grade D+

RB– Really excited for Reggie. Another 100 yd game for Bush. Averaging 7.4 yds a carry and also had 5 catches. He is punishing people as well! So excited for him and hope he stays healthy for the years to come. Even tho there was some injuries the short yardage game from Thomas and Hilliard was awful. 3rd/4th and shorts didn’t help the pitiful 3/18 in those situations.

Grade C+

WR-First passing play a corner route TD to Marshall! And thats about where it stops for the WRs. Marshall had yet another clueless drop in this game. The sure handed Bess had a fumble on what would have been a first down. And Hartline was pretty much absent again this week. Some of it could be blamed on the O-line and QB play but still have to catch and secure the football.

Grade D+

TE-Here is a bright spot on the offense along with Bush. He had 3 for 56 and is a solid pass catcher in the seem. He did have one drop in the endzone with about 5 min to play in the game. Would have had been a great catch but still needs to make the catch if he wants to be a top 10 TE.

Grade C+

O-line– Obviously run blocking played well enough to spring Bush to another 100 yd game. But when the Eagles knew it was a run for a short gain situation, there was no push. When you get your QB knocked around 9 times there is issues. Jake Long went out with a back injury and in step Nate Gardner. Probably more of a reason for Moore’s turnovers than anyone else. Gardner on the left and Columbo on the right was a welcomed sight for the Eagles D line. Also Vernon Carry left the game for a bit. No excuse for the O line just facts. Another fact their play was pathetic.

Grade F

Offensive Conclusion

Chances were there. Short fields. Defense creating turnovers, yet again. But it all starts up front. And when the cornerstone of your offense Jake Long goes out the dominos start to fall from there. During the Dolphins last 5 games, they have won the turnover battle and been efficient on 3rd down. With 3 turnovers and 3/15 on 3rd down its hard to win football games.

Grade D


D-line– This unit is playing great against the run. As a team the Eagles with Vick and McCoy had only 51 yds rushing! Thats shooting gaps and occupying one and sometimes 2 of the Eagles lineman allowing LBs to make plays. Several D-line would like a few more chances at INTs tho.

Grade B-

LBs– Dansby lead the team in tackles and the charge to keep the Eagles running under control. Also almost had a pick 6 early in the game. They did a great job on spying on Vick and keeping him contained and not giving him alot of room to run. Great to see all the blitz packages by Mike Nolan getting the LBs in the backfield.

Grade C+

Secondary-Not a bad job on some quick shifty receivers. Only a few times including the TD to Jackson was there breakdowns in the secondary. Mainly because Vick is able to extend plays and let the receivers find the holes in the zone. Also giving up alot of room to Bret Celek in the middle of the field. And please Jimmy Wilson! Can we get this playmaker on the field???

Grade C-

Defense Conclusion

Mike Nolan was dialing up all kinds up packages and blitz that were working well against the “Dream Team.” But when the Eagles had to go more 50 yds to score only once? Things aren’t going to end well. Only one drive did the defense look bad. And it was mainly just 2 big pass plays that ended with a 34 yd TD. This was the week the Dolphins needed that 30 point offense to show up.

Grade B-

Special Teams

Kicking-Carpenter was 1/2 FGs and had 1PAT. Sadly the 1 FG was less than a PAT.

Returns-Nothing special here. Finally saw Bush back on punt returns. Would love to see that every time.

Coverage-Kicking to Desean Jackson is always a scary situation. But the Fins did a great job on coverage allowing only about 5 yds a return. Also had a punt blocked and caused a fumble on one of the returns. Chances for the offense to capitalize.

Grade B-

Final Thoughts

As the Dolphins have been rolling lately the bottom fell out this week for the offense. The defense played well against a high powered offense and was able to force some turnovers on d and special teams. The offense looked pathetic. Again 3/15 on third down and 3 turnovers is going to get u a big fat L almost every time. The chances were there to make this a game even with 5 min left they has a shot inside the 10. But with that and giving the opposing team a short field nearly every drive you’re not going to be successful.

Looking Forward

The Fins finish up the last 3 games with division opponents. So its win win from here on out. If we win “Hey alright we beat a rival” if we lose “Alright we are one step closer to a good draft pick” But as we go forward we will go without Tony Sparano. He was fired Monday afternoon which seemed like the news broke over a year ago. O wait it did. Thanks for the memories Tony and good luck.

Until next week….Fins Up!

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