Taking that step…Or not?

So several years ago when we first moved to Columbus my wife and I went “church shopping.” Ugh that wasn’t fun. In and out of different churches for a few months trying to figure out where we should be.

Until we came across Heritage Christian Church in Westerville. Great place with plenty of opportunities! And I will be the first to admit it was a slow progression to participate. We began to get involved with different things at church and finally took a BIG leap (atleast for us) and get involved in a small group.
And what a blessing it was. We had a great time even if the leader happened to be a Jets fan. It was my first experience with such a thing and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to get the ball rolling.
After about a year the group began to go separate ways. Mostly just because of schedules and everyone being at different stages of life. So now what? I wasn’t sure if we should get involved in another small group or not. Kinda felt like cheating on our first.
At about the same time a Pastor from Heritage was getting ready to start a church plant in the Northland area. It is a church with a focus on ethnic diversity and growing with the community around it. I have to be honest when I heard about this my eyes and heart grew instantly. That’s what I love I love serving and being the feet and hands of Jesus. I’m not a “prayer warrior” or gifted musical or even speaking but I love to serve. I believe it’s because I’m a man. Not that women can’t do physical things but men are by nature DOERS. Also the area where Sanctuary is looked reminded me of where my wife and I grew up.

So with all that being said I was ready to make a big decision as a spiritual leader in our house. I told my wife my passion and how I felt about and that we should start attending. She was great and supportive. I was so excited about this and to finally take charge as the leader in this department. (I’m still a young pup to Christianity and gun-shy when it comes to being the spiritual leader of the house)

Love this church, the community, the pastor, the members, and their passion to this area. But after about a year(between preview services and its official launch last Easter) I notice a problem as a leader in my house. My “household” wasn’t always next to me and our “house” wasn’t even there all the time. You see with the work schedules my wife and I have being in the healthcare field we relied alot on Saturday evening service. As it was I could attend twice a month and my wife once a month. Not healthy.

We had talked about it before we knew it could be a problem. We thought we could be involved enough at Sanctuary and go to Heritage on Saturdays but that was near impossible. Different sermons, communities, and styles made things confusing and hard. I mean I love Sanctuary. Being able to grab lunch with the Pastor and be personable was new to me but exciting. (Growing up catholic, the leader of the church was so highly respected you didn’t just hang out with him as a friend) Love their LOVE CBUS events and the passion for the youth.

But as a leader I had to recognize that my family was not thriving but suffering spiritually. I thought I made a great move. I was being bold. I was being willing. I was allowing our family to be open. As hard as it is for me to admit a mistake normally, it was even more so on this decision. If I were running for office it would have been like my #1 issue falling flat.
But maybe like I said above maybe we just needed to be willing?
Since nothing was ever an issue at Heritage we decided to head back, pray about it, and see where God takes us.
In the first week back we ran into a member from our original small group. As we turned towards them and they towards us, both girls bellies were bigger than last time, in a good way. Both of us our expecting girls within a month or 2 of each other. And what a blessing for this couple who had difficulty with conception for a while. So excited for them! Also found out they are still in a group led by another member from the “original” group. How cool is that? Would love to reconnect with them!
But I didn’t want to have a knee jerk reaction. So continued to pray and be willing.
Our second week back we saw the leaders from the “original” small group. It was like seeing your parents again after being away at college. It was that type of relationship. We ended up going out for brunch and had some REAL RAW AND INSPIRING conversation. I was honest about our current church “home” situation and they were honest right back and I love that.

I came out of the brunch feeling confirmed about our decision to head back to Heritage. Maybe I just needed to take that step to grow as a spiritual person. Maybe we needed to go just so we would have no regrets we would never wonder well maybe… As someone else said, “we have different seasons in our life.”

I now believe I gained some experience and even some confidence in my spiritual life. My wife and I have come closer spiritual since we have been able to attend church not only all month but together as well. And I think it was important to something that a few of us are extremely excited about starting soon. And even tho I believed to have had an EPIC fail as a spiritual leader, I now know it was a necessary step in our growth as disciples.

  1. January 4th, 2012

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