Fins @ Cowboys Thanksgiving Rewind

Happy Thanksgiving to me! TurDuckEn and Dolphins play the Cowboys! Coming into today the Dolphins are as hot as they have been since winning the division. And when you have thanksgiving Dolphins and Cowboys you also have to throw in Leon Lett. Hopefully the Dolphins don’t need a Leon Lett type miracle today.


QB– Last few weeks Moore has been looking like a solid QB in the NFL. Even tho he put up 300 yds and a TD, he couldn’t put the ball in the endzone. I liked how he throw the ball up to give his WRs a chance to make a play. He also needs to make a choice when the defense blitz. Even if the blitz is picked up for 3 seconds the ball has to be out in that time. And if you can run for a first down on 3rd and 4 inside the 10… DO IT!

Grade C+

RB– Bush looked solid again. Only times him or Thomas looked ineffective was when the interior of the O-line got totally blown up! Bush showed his speed and Thomas his power to make negative plays into small gains. Also Bush had a 34 yd screen play. Again love seeing this guy in space! Great job also by the RBs picking up the blitz.

Grade C+

WR– Marshall 5 for 103 and a TD. Great right? Could have been better. There were a handful of times it looked like Marshall didn’t go after the ball. Not so much actually catch it but just giving up on it. Lucky it didn’t cost the fins an INT. Hartline again played great along the sideline and is one of the only fins WRs to understand coming back to the football when he is scrambling. Bess could have been that rock solid 3rd down target again but the passes were behind him over the middle.

Grade B-

TE– Fasano had 2 for 32 but no TDs. Looked like Moore had a chance to find Fasano in the redzone but decide to take care of the ball and get 3 points. Fasano isn’t going to catch 5 balls but when the Fins have 4 redzone chances you have to look at the big body target more.

Grade C

O-line– Jake Long really? I know Ware is tough but Long had a handful of penalties and a few of them being false starts. Come on Man! Moore was sacked 4 times and hit 5. The line at times simply collapsed both passing and rushing the football.

Grade D+

Offense Conclusion

4 redzone chances 4 Fgs! Come on guys. You have to know how to finish. Last 3 weeks a plethora of TDs this week? Alot of <30yd Fgs. Moved the ball pretty well and at times were a very capable offense but when that line collapsed and the penalties added up forget about it. Also don’t forget your defense gets you 2 INTs you have to turn that into points!

Grade C


D-line– Murray slowly chipped away at the Fins run defense. Nearing 100 yds at the end. The line has to get a push when you know that the Cowboys are going to run out the clock right at you. Have to keep your assignments when rushing Romo he can get outside the pocket and can be deadly.

Grade C-

LBs– Burnett ended the day with team high 12 tackles. Murray didn’t make too far past the 2nd line of the fins defense. But didn’t really need to when you rip off 4 to 5 yds at a time. Actually surprised Witten didn’t have more than 43 yds against thee fins linemen. Misi looked rough in coverage always chasing. Only getting one sack on Romo is bad considering he was hit 7 times.

Grade C+

Secondary– “How about this young secondary getting 2 INTs.” I feel like I have said this before.  I actually did. Second week in a row the secondary had 2 picks. Vontae and Sean Smith made 2 great plays on the ball. Davis did a great job against Dez and keeping him in check. It was to no surprise it was Robinson who had the big game facing Sean Smith. Dont be fooled by his INT. I think Smith has to go. Jimmy Wilson please!

Grade B-

Defense Conclusion

Great first half play. Cant really blame the TD on the defense. Made great plays to give the offense good field position in the 1st quarter. Hopefully the coaching stuff starts looking at their talent and starting Jimmy Wilson. Those big bodies up front have to be able to finish games and get in the backfield of the offense.

Grade C+

Special Teams

Kicking- Only thing worse than kickers is backup kickers 4/5 FGs. Even if he went 5/5 the Cowboys probably just would have scored a TD.

Returns-Gates looked like he was ready to break one a few times with his speed. Love seeing him just turn on the speed and head north south.

Coverage-Good job on kick returns but on the key return of the game Dez made some moves to put the Cowboys in good field position.

Grade C+

Final Thoughts

Typical Dolphins. Start to give you hope only to disappoint. This was the fourth time they blew a 4th quarter lead. Turn those loses to wins and the fins are 7-4. Ugh like I said disappointment. 3 for 12 on 3rd down. 4th quarter blown lead and 4 redzone attempts with zero TDs equal a lose simple as that.

Looking Forward

The Dolphins now get to play the Raiders another game that can be won. The Dolphins should be able to try to rebound on a long week of preparation. Hopefully the players and coaches enjoy their last few days together because they are counting down.

Happy Turkey Day! FINS UP!

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