Bills @ Fins Rewind

Winning two straight the Dolphins welcome the Bills to Sun Life stadium. The bills looked like a powerful offense at the beginning of the year. A good test for the Dolphins inconsistent defense.



QB– Matt Moore fantasy QB? Maybe. He had 3 Td passes and looked good thru the entire game. Also Moore is MORE effective when throwing under 25 passes a game. Moore played good smart football and in this game looked like a solid starter in the NFL as a “game manager” not yet showing ability to lead from behind. But for now I’m fine blowing teams out.

Grade B+

RB– The yardage wasnt there this week for the Dolphins RBs. Bush only avg 2.1 yds per carry. And Thomas 3.3 per carry. Didnt like seeing th inability to run the ball in the second half when the offense became conservative. Bush did look great out of the backfield, split out wide as a WR hauling in 4 receptions. I like the touches for each RB just want more production.

Grade C+

WR– Only 4 receptions for this group. Marshall was silent only 1 catch. he had a chance to get another redzone TD but it was overturned since he couldn’t control the ball. Bess played well and is reestablishing himself as a threat on third downs. Would obviously like production of the “stud” WR to go up along with Hartline but they got up early and fell into a conservative mode.

Grade B-

TE– Fasano is a TD produces machine! He is a big body in the redzone for Moore to target. Also going to throw Clay in here, not really sure but even tho he is listed as a H back he is attacking more like a TE without a single carry all year. Clay made a great 46 yd catch and showed the effort to run down the ball. He led the team in yardage with 69 yds.

Grade B+

O-line– Pass protection was great. Moore hit and sacked only once. And we see what Moore can do when he is comfortable. On the run side of it not very pleased. Seemed to have a problem getting an initial push up front. I.E. the safety. Holes werent open enough for the RBs to get thru. Thankfully the Bills couldnt stage a come back when we were having issues running the ball in the 2nd half.

Grade B-

Offense Conclusion

We are looking now at offense with potential and talent and now they know it. They have the confidence in themselves and each other. Yes again 3 pretty bad teams but it still is 3 wins. Brian Daball is doing a better job working with the options he has. Figure out how to use Reggie and Daniel Thomas. And keeping Brandon Marshall under control isn’t an easy task. But so far in 3 weeks it looks like they are clicking.

Grade B+


D-line– The big boys up front kept the Bills powerful running game under control. Only allowing 2.2 yds per carry. Besides the screen plays they did a good job of keeping their assignments and not letting them cut back or get the corner. The pass rush was weak at times but they did get to Fitzpatrick a few times and a couple batted down balls.

Grade B

LBs– It wasnt the kind of game Dansby and Burnett have had the past 2 weeks but still a solid performance. Obviously as stated above kept the running game in check. but the screen plays was rough. Jackson and Spiller were able to get huge plays out of some screens. the Dolphins as a whole have to get better at reading and stopping screens.

Grade B-

Secondary– How about this young secondary getting 2 INTs. The ball did bounce the Fins way a few times but they were there to cause the tips and also made the plays on the ball. Also the secondary was laying the lumber on the Bills receiving core. At one point 3 bills WR were on the sideline or in the locker after being hit by Will Allen or Bell. Love to see them not only aggressive but coming up with turnovers.

Grade A-

Defense Conclusion

Again Mike Nolan got to show us what we all expected from this defense. They shut down one of the leagues best rushers and came up with key turnovers that the offense turned into points. Hope this defense continues to improve and isn’t satisfied with their past few weeks.

Grade A-

Special Teams

Kicking- Graham filling in for the injured Carpenter had an easy day of 5 PATs.

Returns-Return game was average but they did something  the Fins hadn’t done since 1990. A blocked punt and recovered for a TD!

Coverage-Good job by the coverage team and keeping them right about 20 yds per carry.

Grade A

Final Thoughts

The Bills looked good the first half of the year. So I was a little concerned about the rushing game and Stevie Johnson but the Dolphins came to play at HOME. They handled a division rival and took care of business.

Looking Forward

The Dolphins get to play on Thanksgiving against the cowboys. We will be able to see how the secondary performs against Dez and if the LBs can keep up with Witten as well as shutting down Murray. Alot to ask for but if the defense wants to take the next step here is their chance. And as far as the offense goes lets see if they can produces points when they have to in a potential shoot out? Crazy I know.

Happy Turkey Day! FINS UP!

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