Home Sweet Storage Barn

Are You Rich? Are You Poor? Are you An American?

If you answered yes to the 3rd question then you’re not rich you and I are FILTHY rich!

This hit me while listening to a sermon from Pastor Mark Driscoll.

He was taking about “The Parable of the Rich Fool” and was taking about homes here in the good old USA…

“Now let’s compare that to the average home in America over the last fifty years. In 1950, the average home was 1,000 square feet; 1970, 1,500 square feet; the year 2000, 2,200 square feet. In the last thirty years, family size is down 25 percent. House sizes are up 50 percent. Bigger barns.”

No big surprise there. New housing developments are popping up all over. But lets compare that to what the rest of the world the majority live in.Now not only do we as Americans have bigger house to put more “stuff” into we then go out and get a storage facility to hold our “stuff.”

“The U.S. now has five times more storage facilities than Starbucks. You think Starbucks are everywhere? There are five personal storage facilities for every Starbucks. Now truth be told, there are some legitimate uses for a storage facility. I mean, you got a business and you’re storing product or something, I understand that. But for most people, this is, “There is so much junk in our house. We need another place to hold the junk that we don’t need. So let’s go get a storage facility.””

So let’s think storage facility…

“What’s curious is a lot of the storage facilities are about the same size as the average home around the world, made out of about the same materials, cinderblock and tin. And they don’t have a toilet. They don’t have central heating, plumbing, or oftentimes electrical. So where we put the junk that we don’t even want, that’s where the average person puts their family.”

So when everyone is complaining about the economy ruining this country(and yes it’s not helping) but remember WE ARE THE RICH.

Now it’s obviously not a sin to have a house bigger than a storage facility. It’s about how you use your blessings.

“if you’re a good steward with your resources and you’re doing the things with it that God entrusts for you to do as first priority and if you can actually afford it. But many of us got bigger barns and we didn’t have the grain to fill it up”

So my fellow Americans we are RICH! And more importantly BLESSED!

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