BitterSweet End

My wife and I have coached Club Volleyball together for the past few years. The last few at Facedown Volleyball.

Our first team was kind of like the Bad News Bears. A team that didn’t have the most talent but progressed into a championship team by the end.

2 years ago we  inherited a “loaded” team. They were fun to watch and we won a bunch of games. But never really felt like “OUR” team.

Then there was last year…WOW what an experience.

We finally had OUR team, a great blend of talent, and amazing young girls. Most of whom never played together before. We had an amazing season.

These girls not only had talent but they responded so well to Lindsey and I. Anything you would ask of them they would apply it. Truly the defintion of “coachable.” We had alot of laughs both at practices and tournaments. And a few broken clipboards 🙂 Alot of new friendships were made over that winter.

The girls played well at every tournament and ended the year by having that famed 1 vs 2 matchup. Sadly the team fell short but in no way was it for lack of effort.

So we ended the year with a great cook out, “messy games”, and alot of laughs. Everyone hoped to finish the girls club careers next year in the same way.

We were a little unsure on where we would be because we were “trying” for a baby since the start of the year. Baby Girl.  But we definitely wanted the chance to be with the girls and their families again.

Fast Forward till now and here we are 3 months from the birth of our baby girl and 3 months away from the start of another Club Volleyball season.

Even with that being said we definitly still wanted to be part of this team again. Over the past few days we talked ALOT, with ourselves, parents, the girls, the directors, family and friends.

Thru all the conversation one thing stuck out to us and it was the simplest advice we received.


With a newborn on the way and a potential change in jobs for the better, it was clear. No one wanted to coach this group again more than us but my wife and I have a different “coaching” job ahead of us. One we are extremely excited for and cant wait to play volleyball with her.

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