Redskins @ Fins Rewind

After the Dolphins fell out of a tie last week for Andrew Luck, they looked ahead to another winnable game against the Skins. And if the Dolphins could get 2 wins this year and would def eliminate them from the Luck sweepstakes. But hey I can’t really complain about a win. Right?


QB– Matt Moore played good enough to win. completing 66% of his passes and converting on 3rd downs. Moore did have 2 turnovers. Both being when faced with pressure. Love the way he got Bess involved on 3rd downs as well as the TE. He was able to hook up with his “star” WR for just shy of 100 yds. Loved his intensity and determination on the field. It has been the Chiefs and Redskins but Moore is playing good enough to win those games.

Grade C

RB– Reggie Bush fantasy relevant? Loved the number of touches both backs received. Bush getting 18 and Thomas with 17. Reggie was able to get the corner and score his TDs with his speed. He looked quick and fresh. Did get some looks in the pass game but it seemed the Skins were ready for that only allowing 4 yds on 4 receptions. Would like to see the 3.1 yds per rush go up and hopefully will but they were able to move the ball well throughout the game. Also saw some great pass protection on a few blitz by the Skins.

Grade C+

WR– Brandon Marshall is being to have a good connection with Moore. Would have been great if he timed that opening trick play better and came down with it but still had a good game. One area of problem is again the fades in the endzone. Either the route of placement seems to be off and needs be worked on. Bess was key on 3rd downs. Thats a great amount of work for him and his skill set.

Grade B

TEBack to back weeks now til Fasano being a solid part of the offense. 3 receptions for 60 yds. He made a great play on a ball thrown a little behind him but was able to reach back and be strong enough to secure the ball to get the Fins inside the 20.

Grade B

O-line– Moore was sacked twice and hit only 3 times. Which is pretty good for how this year has gone. But both sacks caused 2 fumbles on total misses by the O-line. Even tho the rushing yards werent  great they did enough in the redzone to get 2 rushing TDs! Also did a great job on 3rd down protection getting over 50% of 3rd downs converted.

Grade C+

Offense Conclusion

2 straight weeks the Dolphins offense has come to life. The key? Successful 3rd down conversions and red zone efficiency. 2 things that haunted the Fins for 7 games this year. In this game they were able to change that and put up solid protection. And the   seemed to be a great combo. Loved how they took chances on trick plays early. This team has nothing to lose! And the coaching staff knows it. But thats not stopping the players from giving it all for the coaching staff.

Grade B-


After Week 3, the Redskins 3-0 the Dolphins 0-3. What would you say if I told you at that time a struggling defense would not allow a TD? This week the young promising defense showed signs of life for the second straight week. attack the  opposing QB and even coming up with a turnover? Who is this team? Oh wait its the Redskins.

D-line– Thankfully Torrain started and avg 1.8 yds per carry. Helu only had 6 carries and avg 6.8 yds per carry. The D line put pressure on Rex when it was crucial. At other times Rex was able to throw over the middle for big chunks of yards.

Grade C

LBs– Alriiiiiight Miami LBs!! Again both ILBs lead the team with tackles. With Starks and Solai pulling up the middle, Dansby and Barnett where able to get up field and hit people at or behind the line. Did a good job in pass coverage with a handful of pass deflections. Dansby came down with a great INT in the redzone as well. JT was able to get a sack on his former team as well. On the play he was able to time the snap perfectly and disrupt the timing.

Grade B+

Secondary– So Vontae was back after hamstring and off the field issues. He did come to play tho. And provided the D with another turnover. Also had a great open field tackle in the flat. The rest of the secondary didn’t play awful but Hankerson was able to easily catch the ball in the middle of the zone. 8 catches on 9 targets. Bell had a quiet day with only 2 tackles thanks to the LBs taking care of work in the front 7.

Grade C-

Defense Conclusion

2 straight wins 2 straight solid defense performance. After getting torched by most teams this year, the D was able to keep the other team out of the endzone and limit them to 3 FGs. This is the defense everyone hoped for at the beginning of the year. Hopefully as the year goes on they continue to play like the young swarming defense of the past 2 weeks.

Grade B

Special Teams

Kicking- Carpenter is getting used to kicking PATs. He had 2 this game but was 2/3 on FGs.

Returns-Gates had the long return for the game of 30 yds but as usual the return game still remains quiet. Too bad we don’t have someone like Reggie Bush.

Coverage-Great special teams play here kicking return avg right 20 yds with nothing over 22 yds.

Grade C+

Final Thoughts

Well the Redskins are BAD but regardless two wins in a row! The team played well all around. The offense converting opportunities into touchdowns and the defense creating turnovers in the redzone. The game becomes alot easier once both sides of the ball are helping each other out. Great to see this team do it at home as well. Like Tony said last week it’s just good to see them smile.

Looking Forward

The Fins take on the Bills for the first time this year. The run defense has been solid and we will see if it can continue against fred jackson. And honestly he doesn’t scare me as bad as someone like CJ Spiller would. Can the Dolphins make it 3 in a row? I think they have a good shot playing as a team with alot of confidence after 2 wins. Maybe all they needed was a taste of victory to get things rolling.


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