Have you ever run into some friends you haven’t seen in months maybe even years? You all act shocked and surprised to see each other. You casually talk about what’s “new” in life and maybe say “we should really get together soon.”

But you never do.

Recently my wife and I ran into a couple we hadn’t seen in several months. We had the typical “polite” conversation but we then decided to go to Panera to catch up.

We had REAL RAW and INSPIRING conversation.

This couple was an important part of our spiritual walk. They were the leaders our small group at Heritage Christian Church and hadn’t seen them since our small group dissolved for many reasons. Everyone had moved on to different stages of their lives.

But there was a difference in our conversation this past weekend and one from any other random meeting with “old” friends.


With a Christ centered relationship the walls come down and the gates open. The conversation shifts to real struggles, conflicts, and decisions you may be facing. To say it was great to talk with them would be an understatement. It felt more like a homecoming.

And for us I came away with one key phrase…

“Simplify your life”

With a baby on the way in Feb, a few possible job changes, and trying decide whether or not to coach volleyball this year, this was the phrase I hung on to from the conversation.

A simple phrase to do something simple.

When was the last time you could be REAL in conversation?

What the can you do to simplify your life?

  1. November 18th, 2011
  2. November 25th, 2011

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