Fins @ Chiefs Rewind

Week 8 of Suck 4 Luck heads to “Arrow Head” for a tough road game. But really lets face it the Dolphins feel more at “home” on the road then the do in South Florida. And this was fun to watch!


QB– Matt Moore looked like an NFL QB this week with a QB rating of over 140. Throwing for 3TDs!! And one of those went to Marshall! It was nice to see the QB and star WR on the same page. Also loved the TE getting involved. The time Moore had helped as well. Best game of the year as it was for almost all the Dolphins.

Grade B

RB– Reggie Bush is starting to prove he doesn’t stink! Bush coming up just short of another 100yd game. He avg over 7 yds a carry and added 50 rec yds. He was explosive. Something that the offense hasn’t been since…. I don’t remember. Thomas only had 7 carries for 12 yds. I think probably just a product of Bush’s success and Thomas coming back from the injury.

Grade B

WR– Brandon Marshall that’s how you play like a stud WR! Marshall hauled in 8 of 11 targets over 100 yds and a redzone TD! Been waiting for this all year! Besides Marshall, Bess had 3 targets and that was all for the WRs. Need to involve others but we did get the TE in the game plan. Just extremely excited that Marshall and the QB finally got on the same page and were productive all day.

Grade B+

TE– Welcome back Fasano! Over the years the TE has been important to the Dolphins success. He only had 2 reception but both being TDs. One on a well designed 30 yd throwback for the TD. Great to see the stat line of 2 for 38 with 2 TDs!

Grade B-

O-line– See what happens when you keep your QB upright? I know I know it was the Chiefs but hey they made Rivers look awful last week. (Which is proving not to be so hard to do.) Moore was only hit twice and the RBs avg 4.5yds a carry. Long did another all pro job on the left side and the middle of the line did a great job opening up the holes for Bush.

Grade B+

Offense Conclusion

How about that? 4 offensive TDs? Amazing! Great to see a team effort on this side of the ball and what the team is capable of. again it was the Chiefs but so what they did what they were suppose to do and go out and execute. One sore spot is still 3rd down efficiency 30%, Thats rough but they were able to go 2 for 2 in the redzone.

Grade B


D-line– The D line played well against the run as usually and also showed they could get to the QB with 2 sacks coming from the D-line. Did have trouble with keeping McCluster’s speed contained but kept Battle under 3 yards a carry.

Grade C+

LBs– The 2 leading tacklers were the ILBs. How about that? the way its suppose to be. They combined for 23 tackles 5 of which were for a loss. Dansby was laying the lumber. Had a few bone crushing hits. No real issues in pass coverage. Mainly because the Chiefs TE had a total of 2 targets. Lucky for the Fins they didn’t expose that weakness.

Grade B-

Secondary– Even tho rookie Jimmy Wilson had 2 pass interference calls I’m liking him quite a bit. IMO they were both a little suspect but either way he had a good game. Sean Smith as always was the one getting burned consistently for 10 to 15 yd outs. The receiving core fo the Chiefs were able to fins some holes in the Swiss cheese that is the Dolphins secondary. But many of the passing yards came after the Dolphins had started to rack up the points.

 Grade C

Defense Conclusion

Mike Nolan looked the 2010 version. When your able to get pressure from the front line and keep the opposing RBs out of the secondary does wonders for a struggling defense. Getting 9 hits and 5 sacks on Cassel is a great day but still need to find a way to keep some turnovers! Love the team play again tho.

Grade B-

Special Teams

Kicking- Carpenter hit his only Fg attempt and doubled his PATs to 4 this week!

Returns-Bess was the only one to get any returns. 4 in the punting game. Still don’t understand why Bush isn’t back there getting the punt returns.

Coverage-Coverage teams were avg at best. Averaging about 15 yds. No long returns given up but nothing special on the coverage team.

Grade C+

Final Thoughts

Wow. That was great. I had a smile on my face on a Sunday. That wasnt a bye week. The Dolphins have alot of fight left this year. Maybe not alot of wins but they are going to prove to be a tough game in for a few more weeks this year. It was nice to see the team function at one. Sparano had to feel like a proud papa finally seeing his team play like he knows they can. Love seeing the talent on both sides of the ball show what they have to offer.

Looking Forward

The Dolphins welcome the Redskins into Miami next week. Back to back wins for the Fins? Maybe. But I think it’s a safe bet the Fins are out of the “SUCK 4 LUCK” chase. Not that I think the Fins are so great but I just think the Colts are that bad and the coaching staff isn’t getting anything out of his team. Even tho Sparano’s days are numbered he is getting his players to leave it all on the field.

So as the Fins SUCK 4 LUCK Continues…. FINS UP!

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