Happy Halloween!

Over the years my wife and I have carved some pretty awesome pumpkins. Almost all of them dealing with sports theme. Cavs, Dolphins, Tribe, Brutus, and even a MVNU volleyball (throwback to my wife’s playing days) pumpkin have been displayed over the years.

This year with a 26 week old in my wife’s butterball stomach we went with a more “family” pumpkin scene. Mostly just carving those “family car stickers” into the pumpkins.
I can’t wait to share this tradition with my soon to be born baby girl. Nothing better than a warm fire, Peanuts “Great Pumpkin” playing and pumpkin guts all over the table! However I think this tradition will include alot of disney princesses over the next few years. Hopefully I can still get her to have a few soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, and softballs in the mix. (3 sport varsity athlete/prom queen?)
Can’t wait till next year to take her out trick or treating. So much for to see everyone out and dressed up for the holiday. Sadly I have to miss that this year but only makes me that much more excited for next year, when we have a little one of our own to roll around the hood with.
So Happy Halloween to everyone going trick or treating tonight and be safe!

Check out the rest of the pumpkins here…

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