Fins @ Giants Rewind


Halloween weekend was upon the Dolphins as they headed to New York. My costume was hopefully I sign of things to come “Suck 4 Luck” was theme for my Halloween this year. Early on the Giants seemed to be in a living nightmare but the Dolphins play this year has been the scariest of all.






QB– Matt Moore played ok throwing the ball. He looked like he channelled his inner mike Vick to lead the team in rushing for most of the first half and ended with 31 yds rushing. That was more a product of Moore running for his life in the backfield. He was sacked 5 times and with bruised ribs I thought we would be seeing JP Losman sooner rather than later. But Moore stayed tough and gave the Fins a chance before Jim Tressel took over the playing calling in the second half.

Grade D+

RB– While Thomas is away Bush will play! He had a great game getting his 2nd career 100 yd game,  both coming against the Giants. Bush was hitting the hole with speed and making quick decisions. Also got a chance to see him split out wide a little more, which was great to see them take a chance in space and even down the sideline with him. A total of 5 targets. Reggie Bush didn’t “stink” at least not this week.

Grade B-

WR– This was the kind of game that would be perfect production/distribution. With Marshall getting a good amount of work(6 targets) but also seeing alot of Bess over the middle on key 3rd downs(3 for 43 on 5 targets). Bess even got a shot down the middle that he couldn’t come up with the one handed grab. Hartline got a few looks but that would be the only person I would like to see his targets change. He did draw a key pass interference call in the endzone tho.

Grade C-

TE– Blocking was rough all over the front line including TE. Fasano only had 1 target in this game.

Grade D

O-line– Matt Moore was hit 7 times and sacked 5 times. If Moore didn’t wear his Vick Halloween costume we may have seen double digit sacks and may have seen a JP sighting. The scariest thing about the o line pass protection is that several times they were looking at each other like what happened? Not a good sign. Also I thought this “Bill Parcels” Tony Sparano specialty. Certainly doesn’t look that way. Run blocking was better giving Bush enough daylight to get thru the line and to the 2nd level. Team averaged 5.6yds per rush.

Grade D+

Offense Conclusion

So during the first half of this game I was really excited. Plays were being made and we were attacking the other team. That all disappeared halfway thru the 3rd quarter when the play calling became ultra conservative. Moore wasn’t able to escape and the Giants were able to predict every move. I’m excited to see some of this offensive talent with a good o cord and maybe Andrew Luck behind center?

Grade C-


D-line– It was good to see Randy Starks in the backfield blowing up plays before they could start. The line did a good job of bottling up Bradshaw and Jacobs for most of the game. Pass Rush? Different story. It’s not Peyton but he is still a Manning and you can’t let Eli have that kind of time. He will pick apart the zone defense. And he did for 349yds.

Grade D

LBs– Burnett stepped up this week as the leading tackler which is a good sign that we shut down the run. Dansby again proves to be an awful pass defender. When Dansby gets his head around and is able to keep up with receivers he isn’t too bad. But he has lost several steps and is always playing the chasing game with the other team. Burnett isn’t much better in that regard. The run D was good holding the Giants to 2.5yds per rush. Pass rush was so bad only 1 sack coming from the d-line. Eli just sat back and was able to complete high % of passes and pick up 19 first downs thru the air.

Grade D

Secondary– Vontae didn’t make the trip again due to his hamstring but I really wasn’t that upset. Because rookie Jimmy Wilson got the start. Really wanted to see what he would do and he had one deflection and a hit on Eli but did get beat on a Manningham TD. Sean Smith actually played pretty well getting a deflection and 7 tackles. I just closed my eyes every time he celebrated an overthrown ball by Eli. The secondary played average defense but with Eli having all kinds of time, the receivers eventually got open and were torched.

Grade D

Defense Conclusion

The defense played together and pursued the ball well. They piled on Bradshaw to ensure him not breaking too many tackles. But when they needed the pass rush the most, they couldn’t get pressure on Eli in the 2nd half. I sound like a homer here but still feel like some good talent but need some direction and schemes from Mike Nolan in 2010.

Grade D+

Special Teams

Kicking- Carpenter hit his only Fg attempt and he had 2 PATS! 2 that means we scored 2 TDs!!! Fields again proves to be a stud avg 50 yds a punt and a boomer for 60 yds.

Returns-Returns were so so but Slaton looked good back returning kicks. I thought Gates would break one by the end of the year but it’s looking like Slaton maybe the one.

Coverage-Punt coverage was good avg 7 yds per return. But they were able to get a 40 yd return on a kick that set them up with good field position. (Not that they needed it)

Grade C+

Final Thoughts

The Dolphins again show that they have talent on both sides of the ball. Also came out fighting and looking like an average football team. But when it came down to it yet again they lost. I guess that’s the difference between a good team and a winless one.

Looking Forward

Id like to think about halfway through the 3rd quarter,  the team looked up at the scoreboard and saw the Rams beating the Saints. And thought to themselves, We can’t win yet we have to stay in first place of the Suck 4 Luck race! And that’s about where we are.

SUCK 4 LUCK Continues….

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