Broncos @ Fins Rewind

With the season almost a loss besides the SUCK 4 LUCK campaign the stadium was still filled with orange jerseys! Well it was Tim Tebow day in south Florida. Anything to sell tickets I guess. It they story couldnt have been written better…for the Broncos. UGH


QB-Matt Moore played well enough to win during regulation. Moore was able to be better than average with his accurcy and didnt turn the ball over IN REGULATION. He did all this without any help from the WRs. Not sure if its the play calling or Moore’s confidenece but we need to take some shots down field. In OT however Moore was holding the ball out in front of him one handed. The blitz came and was picked up pretty well. Enough time to get rid of the ball. But even if you pick up the blitz 6 blockers can only stop 7 pass rushers for so long and he has to know that.

Grade D+

RB-So no RB fumbled the ball this week. So we got that going for us. Bush looked good hitting the hole quick and getting over 4 yds per carry. Not getting the ball much threw the air with only 2 rec for 4 yds. Every week I say this but can we not get him so more touches split out wide? Come on people we are desperate! Thomas barely got over 2 yds per carry. Mostly because the offense line wasnt able to hold blocks long enough to open the holes. I cant critize Thomas for lack of effort. He always keeps his legs moving and doesnt quit. Rough game for him but def still like him looking forward.

Grade C-

WR-How many balls will honestly be dropped this year? Its getting ridiculous. Marshall dropped his first target. And Matt Moore is just another QB that cant get on the same page with Marshall in the redzone. Maybe that was reason enought to get Orton. Bess had 12 targets but did have 2 droppes. One was a tough catch but still needs to be made. Hartline again stands out of the WR having yet another great sideline catch. And he caught all of his targets. Maybe we need to get him the ball more. When your winless you cant make any mistakes.

Grade F

TE-Alriiiiight MIAMI! We got a TD! Fasano another guy who caught all his targets including the much needed TD. He made a great play to get in the endzone and you could fell some of the weight fall off the teams shoulders.

Grade B-

O-line- Last week I said the run blocking looked good. Well this week not so much. There were several missed blocks and no room to run for Thomas. He doesnt need much room to run just some. They also let Matt Moore get hit 6 times and sacked 4. Pretty soon we will have Sage playing QB and not fro the SUCK 4 LUCK but because Moore is on IR.

Grade D+

Offense Conclusion

Congrats to the offense for finally scoring a TD. But never more than one. 3rd down was again awful 3 for 14. Im not sure how this unit is going to progress or get any better. They know just like everyone else how much they are looking for Andrew Luck.

Grade D+


D-line– For 3 and half quarters they kept the pressure on Tebow. But couldnt step including on the 2point conversion. The run d wasnt awful but McGahee kept plowing away for 4 and 5 yd chunks. Thankful he left game with broken hand or he would have probably had 100 yds. Did love seeing those big bodies in the backfield this week atleast for 3 quarters.


LBs-Dansby for the second week gets the most tackles and leads the team that way, by example. Burnett and Dansby need start doing something about the pass coverage tho. Either need more zone or less man to man, something to get these guys some help. Im starting to think they cant cover an eligble offensive lineman. Misi was again just “there” as a friend put it. Wake did have a great game and got to Tebow all game.

Grade C-

Secondary-My Vontae had a good game besides one of the key plays! Willis only reception was a 42 yd catch bringing the Broncos in the redzone for their first TD. It looked a sif Vontae was just joggin behind him taking a picture. Sean Smith was again awful. I love Will Allen’s aggresive nature on the line. Wish he had it to go after Tebow on the 2pt conversion. He took the “safe” and coached approach of keeping everything turned back inside but there was no one there to make the tackle. Bell looked like an animal out there. And of the few people on this team that still care.

Grade D+

Defense Conclusion

Tebow made them look good for most of the game by overthrowing several open targets. They got beat on the ground by the Broncos line. They were able to cause pressure to Tebow and maybe force a few of those bad throws but when it came down to the end of the game the D made it look like they to want Andrew Luck.

Grade D

Special Teams

Kicking– Fields got a workout with 8 punts. He was able to put 3 of those inside the 20. He only had one punt that looked to be a bad kick. But hey when he is putting almost 10 times a game what do you exspect? Carpenter looked good kicking FG 3/3 but would like for him to be able to kick more PATs.

Returners-Why? Why in the world isnt Bush back on every punt? We need a spark. And one or two punts out of 9 returns is not enough. Come on man!

Coverage-On the 9 punts the coverage team did a good job besides Grade C-

Grade C-

Final Thoughts

So the Dolphins front office and team provide Tim Tebow to have the storybook day only he could have written. Some of the coaching choices were hard to understand. Going for 2 with 14 minutes to go? Of course Broncos probably would have just went for 2 on both TDs and still won but hey lets no make it easy. Also how in the world didnt they know that with 5WR and shotgun Tebow was going to run up the middle? It seemed that the Fins were going to move into 2nd of 3rd in the Luck running but inside they refused to be anything more than the worse.

Looking Forward

On to the New York football Giants. All I have to say looking forward is that Im trying to pick up the Giants defense in all fantasy leagues.

Suck for Luck Continues…FINS UP!

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