Fins @ Jets Rewind

So 0-4 “Star” WR says he is going to get throw out in 2nd quarter and back in the national spotlight. Even tho overall record isn’t great the past few years, at least the Fins were 4-1 against the Jets recently. But with the Jets trying to avoid a 4th straight loss, and Miami trying to lose for Luck get their first win. So if I told you we would have the ball in the redzone three times and the Jets only have one drive that didn’t go 3 and out. You be happy right? WRONG




QB-So the Andrew Luck Matt Moore era begins. Lets start by saying his WRs didn’t help him at all. It was Moore’s first start with the Fins. He didn’t cost them their first win but he didn’t deliver it. He try to get the ball as much as possible to his “Star” WR. Only to have the ball dropped or a 70% effort made on the ball. On Moore’s pick 6 there was a questionable no call that even left ESPN commentators scratching their heads. Also looked like the ball may have been a little behind Marshall’s intended pattern. His other pick was just trying to make a play at the end of the game. It wasnt a pretty start for Moore throwing around 50% and 204 yds 2 INTs but what Moore can you ask for with this now 0-5 team.

Grade D+

RB-Hey look a bright spot! The Dolphins averaged over 4 yds a carry and boy was it nice to see Daniel Thomas back on the field. Bush also had a good game running the rock but most of his yards came off of a 36 yd run at the beginning of the game. He also had a few receptions out of the slot position. Bush had some flashes of speed on the edge which was good to see but man Thomas looked to have it all. He was hitting holes hard and kept the legs moving. Did have one fumble but lucky was recovered by the Fins. Id love to see Thomas in the backfield next year say with Andrew Luck?

Grade B-

WR-So during the week Marshall says he is “going off” this week. And maybe even to the point of getting throw out of the game. Marshall came out on the first drive and made a nice catch on a slant against Revis to get things going. Then Marshall catches a 46 yard pass that could have been a touchdown but he lost his balance? Crazy. He then goes on to drop a few more passes including a sure touchdown. So since Marshall is dropping the ball how about we hit Hartline(has been sure handed this year) in the seem. Oops another person dropping the ball. Even Clay had a chance to drop the ball. And besides punt returns where is Bess? Pretty soon he will be on the Patriots winning Super Bowls and sending us pictures of it (IE Wes Welker) You have to see if you can get him the ball in the slot. Yes yes i know he had a fumble late but still he has proven himself over the past few years.

Grade F

TE-We still play guys at this position?

Grade INC

O-line- I’m happy with the IMPROVEMENT in the run block. It’s still not great but holes are being cracked open and allowing Thomas to get some yardage. Moore was sacked times and hit  many times. When this guy is getting his first start he needs to know his line can protect him and give him the time he needs to make the proper progressions. That didnt happen.

Grade D+

Offense Conclusion

So same issues every week. Redzone production, 3rd down efficiency, and dropped passes. Not one of those things improved. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Cant wait to get rid of the Browns ex o-cord Daboll. His redzone play calling is awful! Its going to be a loooong year.

Grade D


D-line– No pressure at all! Sanchez had all day and then some to find a receiver. So even when the secondary had decent coverage they couldn’t hold it. Everything starts up front. No pressure. No pass defense. Period.

Grade F

LBs-Dansby was one of the top tacklers this week (the way it should be) finally. Burnett played good pass coverage on one play and that was it. I don’t know what kind of  “coverage specialist” he was in San Diego but apparently that didn’t apply to the move east. Cameron Wake? Absent.

Grade D-

Secondary-Yay! Finally Vontae is back! Well Vontae had a good game. Mainly on Holmes all game. Holding him to 2 for 25 when Davis was on him. Davis also had 6 tackles on the edge. Sean Smith dropped ANOTHER INT. Can we please but the rookie Wilson or Allen in as #2 CB? Sean Smith just doesn’t have IT. Bell had a solid game both in coverage and once again he leads the team in tackles.

Grade D+

Defense Conclusion

Up until the last drive of the game I was believing the defense was turning around. They were flying around the field with alot of energy. But 2nd half? Different story. They just got worked from the D line all the way back. Also need to find a way to get pressure and create turnovers. The Dolphins D have no killer instinct.

Grade D

Special Teams

Kicking- Carpenter was 2/2 can’t complain. This week. Fields had more yards punting than the offense had. Yuck.

Returners-Im looking for anything. We need a TD from somewhere(I also needed in for my Fantasy Defense). Have to get Bush back on punt returns every chance we  get. And Gates has to hit full speed and just go. Cant have any hesitiation if you want to return kicks and punts like Hester.

Coverage-Coverage teams got alot of work with 7 punts and almost gave up a retun on the kickoff the McKnight. Thankfully the kicker came to the rescue.

Grade C-

Final Thoughts

The Dolphins played a good half. Enough to stay in the game. But I’m starting to think they are allergic the endzone. The redzone playcalling and execution is getting laughable. You could say they have just had bad luck but you creat your own luck. Maybe Im just a bitter Dolphins fan(True) but still not impressed with Jets.

Looking Forward

Next week we welcome the Broncos and to do that we our throwing Tim Tebow a homecoming party. Gross. This team is in trouble. Obviously we our in the Suck For Luck campaign. But to play like this for the rest of the year? Is going to cause alot of issues in the locker room. Something needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Suck for Luck Continues…FINS UP!

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