Niagara Falls Rewind

With the E.D.C. due date fastly approaching it was time for the “Baby Moon.” Wait what? I never heard of such a thing but hey I certainly wasn’t going to complain about! Pretty much the last vacation before the kids come and vacations become all Disney themed. Which I’m also looking forward to! So we headed off to Niagara Falls for the BabyMoon/Wife’s B-day/Fun Getaway.

Neither of us had ever been to “The Falls” but we were both excited to get away. I have to say probably one of the best vacations we have ever been on! Here are some quick highlights…

Day 1

-Buffalo is a very angry city. You think with the Bills looking good it wouldn’t be the case.

-Canadian customs = power trip

-“The Tower Hotel”w as great! View was amazing!(See Below) It was a boutique hotel and was modern/retro themed.

-We had an adventure pass that included Niagara’s Fury, Journey Behind the Falls, Maid of the Mist, Rapids River Walk, 2 days of bus pass, and several other coupons. Great deal in my book. This day we hit the Journey Behind the Falls and Niagara’s Fury.

-We had our “romantic dinner” atop the Skyloan tower. 775 ft above the falls we enjoyed an evening together with prime rib, crab legs, and all kinds of dessert.

Day 2

-Pumpkin Spice Latte Fallside is amazing!

-We used the “People Movers” Bus and had a great driver. She gave us all kinds of great advice on where to go and when.

-Rapids Walk was a class 6 rapids! Even tho my wife didn’t agree I thought for sure we could make it down in white water adventure.

-Probably one of my favorite part of the trip was hiking in the Niagara Glen(Thanks to the Bus driver for letting us know about it). It was a pretty steep hike down tot he waters edge but I have to give my Prego wife. She made it all the way down to the river with a graceful walk. I on the other had fell into the river trying to jump across the rocks.

-Maid of Mist was as my Canadian friend would say “Wicked Cool.” Again I thought for sure I could have jumped off the boat in the middle of the falls and make it shore pretty easily. Wife again not impressed.

-We had dinner at “Kelsey’s” on Day 2 in the Clifton hill district. This area had all the tourist attractions from wax museums to put-put golf and a Ferris wheel. A perfect dinner on the Patio…Imagine live music playing softly near by, sun setting in the sky, good company, cool fall breeze, and most importantly a pretzel sub with pulled pork soaked in Guinness BBQ sauce. It was grand!

-“The Falls” at night is amazing. They have spotlights that light up the entire falls and on this night the had fireworks over the falls. The little one, now 23 weeks old, sprung to life during the fireworks. She was kicking like crazy. I would like to think she was enjoying it but more likely saying “What in the world is going on out there?” They were pretty loud echoing off both the hotels behind us and the American side of the falls.

Day 3 😦

-There was ton to do with gardening and flowers in Niagara. We hit up the floral clock and showhouse in the morning.

-We drove down the river to Niagara on the Lake for our final stop. the drive was beautiful with all the leaves changing and the wineries we passed. Niagara on the Lake was beautiful with several shops from Christmas ornaments to wine bars and bakeries. Also Lake Ontario is gorgeous, almost looks like the Caribbean waters.

All and all I highly recommended going to Niagara Falls. And I don’t believe there is a better time to go. The drive there is beautiful with all the leaves changing. It’s not crowded and the temps couldn’t have been better. Of course we got lucky with Indian summer coming this past weekend but still a great time to go! It was a great vacation with my wife and future child.

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