Bible VS Android

(How Cool Is This Pic?)

Yes this is the current battle that goes on(or should go on) in my mind everyday.

Smartphones are amazing! They can do anything from watching movies to finding the closest coffee shop. And I love all the things I can get done from almost anywhere.

I also struggle to keep up with a daily devotional or even just the reading of a few verses. I seem to pack my day with a so many things as I can until my day is full.

Insert smartphone.

Man I’m organizing schedules , managing my fantasy team, checking finances, and reading / writing all kinds of blogs.
So why not do a little bible study with the phone? So I figure I can solve my lack of dedication to the word with a smartphone. Not that easy. Even tho I get a great verse every morning at 7AM sent to me and have an amazing app from YOUVERSION, I still fall short.

Why? Doesn’t 1 + 1 = 2? Not so much.

I end up spending all my time on my phone doing everything but reading my study for the day. And even tho I may read some inspirational tweets, blogs and listen to a variety of sermons via the droid, its not the WORD.

A sermon from Pastor Rich a few weeks ago got me thinking about this. Am I quicker to pickup my phone and send a tweet, check scores, or look for updates than I am to get lost in the WORD?


Its time to change. Nothing else on the phone(besides maybe turning off my alarm) until I do my study. So game on! Who’s with me?

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