I Love Fall Part 2 (Lynd Farms)

This past weekend my wife and I headed out to Lynd Fruit Farm. Between running into family and seeing many neighbors and friends heading out to the farm via FB and twitter, we figured we had to check this place out!


As we pulled into the farm I had a sense of panic..CASH. I was lucky enough to have a 5 dollar bill. But I never carry cash anymore (Who does? Honestly). For a bag of apples it was 10 dollars. Thankfully my wife had a 5 dollar bill as well so we just barely had enough. But I had to get some cider! So went and found an ATM so this city slicker could get some good old fresh apple cider. Than of course every stand was out of cider! I looked like a little kid who didn’t get that one gift he really wanted on Christmas. My mood switched when we got to the main farm because they had everything that is fall! And….o ya they took cards! So I was “free” to spend away!

And boy did they have it all! (besides cider) My first time picking apples and it was a blast! I had to restrain myself from spending hundreds of dollars. There was pumpkin butter,apple butter, apple salsa, cherry salsa, and peach salsa. All kinds of cider apple, berry, and peach(already in glass jugs… so still no hot cider for this guy) Sweet corn that was out of this world good! Every kind of jam from blackberry to hot pepper jam. The weekend we went to Lynd Farms we got some Jonathon and Macintosh apples. Both were delicious! They had many tractor rides for the kid and they had a corn maze. But as I got ready to ask my pregnant wife, who already walked around the whole orchard, I figured her idea of fun wasn’t getting lost in a giant corn maze. Bummer. Maybe when the little one comes along she will want to race thru the corn maze. Cant wait till next year to come back with our little girl!
How about you? Any other fall farms or festivals we should check out?

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    • mom
    • October 2nd, 2011

    The orchard pictures are so precious!

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