100 Percent?

How much effort do you put into things? 75%? 90%? Or more like 40%? Maybe it matters what it is. For me something sports related would be close to if not 100%. Now doing the laundry for example more like 50% if I’m lucky. I HATE folding clothes! Probably because I’m awful at it.

Think about most of the things in your life. Work. School. Your Wife. Maybe your children. Your spiritual life. How much of that 100% are you giving? Maybe you think you’re giving it your all but then your wife is asking for something in the middle of the game?!? (Two thumbs pointing at this guy) Or maybe you don’t give something your all because you’re not sure about. You don’t wanna dive into it without being sure what exactly it is and how you feel about.

A friend of mine told me how he was going to start doing something 100%. Even though he had some reservations about it. His thinking was maybe his lack of effort was the reason why he didn’t care for it. The whole “You get out of it what you put into attitude.”

When he told me about this I immediately thought of a scene out of one of my favorite movies “Without Limits.” It is a scene where a runner(Steve Prefontaine) and his coach(Bill Bowerman) are discussing race strategy. The coach wants Pre to hold back and race from behind. Pre is furious by this and thinks you should run “flat-out from the start till you have nothing left.” I had the same feeling when I ran in HS as well. But I had passion for running and competing. Again how would things be if I had that passion for my life as a whole.

Here is the scene from the movie mentioned above. Start watching from the 4:40 mark till the 8:40 mark. Mainly listen to how Pre reacts to the way he runs when his coach questions it. Thats the passion I’m talking about. Also beware some language is involved.

I started thinking about what things would look like if I gave 100% of my efforts into all things. Maybe why I had a bad attitude about things was because I wasn’t giving it my all. So I’m slowly trying to turn that 40% up to 60% and so on. And I am striving to hit that 100% sooner rather than later. I want my child to know that Daddy did everything he could to better his/her life. I don’t want a doubt in my mind to exist that I didn’t do all I could for my family.

This is a verse that also made me think about the effort or lack of effort I maybe putting into things.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”

If whatever you’re doing, your suppose to be giving glory to God. Are you going to give him the glory of 40% effort. Maybe laundry isn’t the worst thing but how about giving 40% effort into your marriage? What would God think about that 40 % glory?

I know my wife wouldn’t think too highly of me giving only 40% into our marriage or soon to be children’s life. If they wouldn’t approve of that, what would God think about it? I would probably not want to know the response, He would have. So that being said its time to turn things around and put more of me into the things I do that give glory to God.

What things could you improve if you gave 100%? Would you get that promotion? Maybe a new friendship? Better Marriage?

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