So my father and I just completed are yearly fantasy football draft. We are defending champs and are looking to repeat this year.

We ended up with the number one pick overall. Which in my opinion stinks! So naturally I started listening to the 06010. And started buying into the idea of drafting Vick go BIG or go HOME! You can read all about it here in Matthew Berry’s draft day manifesto…

Rd 1 Pick 1 M. Vick


That being send we went with Vick first and decided to see what stars came to us late in the 2nd round. Surprisingly two stud WR fell to us…

Rd 2 Pick 20 Larry Fitzgerald

Rd 3 Pick 21 Calvin Johnson

Passing on pickup at least one RB was tough but I couldn’t pass up 2 top 5 WRs in a PPR league. At the next turn I was pumped to grab one RB that I really like this year and then another one I’m hoping finally gets out of LTs shadow…

Rd 4 Pick 40 Matt Forte

Rd 5 Pick 41 Shonn Greene

As Rd 6 came around I was hoping DeAngelo Williams would fall to us but he got picked a few before us. The first pick gave us some more depth at RB. And the second pick locked up are 3 starting WRs. With Steve Smith leaving NYG and alot of attention on Nicks, I really think Manningham could have a huge year.

Rd 6 Pick 60 Marshawn Lynch

Rd 7 Pick 61 Mario Manningham

With one more RB left to be picked and still alot of backup QBs left we got another RB here and also A WR that will probably have 90 receptions.

Rd 8 Pick 80 Joseph Addai

Rd 9 Pick 81 Santana Moss

In Rd 10 we got our last WR. We were hoping to get Sam Bradford as our backup QB. And with MSW and Bradford maybe double points. Even tho Bradford went a few picks later I’m happy with the way it worked out with our Rd 12 QB.

Rd 10 Pick 100 Mike Sims-Walker

Rd 11 Pick 101 New England D/SPT

With all of our starters locked down (TE considered WR in this league), I think we got a nice gift in Rd 12. Many backup QBs came off the board and there were only 2 QBs left that I liked Freeman and Stafford. I couldn’t pick Stafford even tho if he stays healthy he will have a huge year. I just didn’t want 2 QBs with injury concerns. So I went with Freeman who I think is probably a top 12 fantasy QB.

Rd 12 Pick 120 Josh Freeman

Rd 13 Pick 121 New Orleans D/SPT

As in every fantasy draft last rounds belong the kickers…

Rd 14 Pick 140 Josh Scobee

Rd 15 Pick 141 Ryan Longwell

After the dust settled from the draft and I got off the phone with the WAR room. It looked like this…

QB Vick

RB Forte

RB Greene

WR C. Johnson

WR Fitzgerald

WR Manningham

D/SPT New England

K Scobee

BN Freeman

BN Lynch

BN Addai

BN S. Moss

BN Sims-Walker

BN Longwell

BN New Orleans

Even tho my obvious weakness is RB, I think I can grab a breakout name off waivers and one of the other 3(Minus Forte) will have a good year. With studs at QB and all WR spots I shouldn’t be too worried about those starters. Now lets hope they all stay healthy!! A few guys I like that are still free agents are…. Never mind cant let anyone have an edge!

Good luck to you all on your fantasy season unless you’re in my leagues of course. 🙂

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