7 years ago he asked me out…

7 years ago, he asked me out. That’s right HE it’s not a typo. I was working at the local pool enjoying my summer off school. Of course my eyes would sometimes wander off the pool and onto Lindsey Anderson. She was IS something special! But I never had the guts to pursue her besides a good friendship and some probably pretty awful attempts at flirting.

So as I was sitting in the lifeguard chair the BOSS came up behind me to ask a question. Yes her father was my boss at the pool. He asked if I would go with the family up to Put-In-Bay. As I started processing this in my head my voice probably started cracking as I responded “sure sounds good.” Wait so did he just ask me out to go out with his daughter? I am definitely not complaining! It worked out pretty well for me 🙂 By the time I was done with that shift, everyone came up to me asking “Are you going to PIB with Anderson?” It turned out to be a pretty fun day. A few more days later, we had our “First Kiss.” With Lindsey of course, not her Dad.

Now 7 years later, her Dad wouldn’t hesitate letting you know that he was the one that set this “Arranged Marriage’ up. And I got to say he did well,  maybe even getting an offer from TLC for some match making show.

All jokes aside I couldn’t be happier over the past 7 years. My happiness and love for my wife has steadily grown each and every moment. And with the statement “this is the happiest I ever been” she said last week, I know she feels the same way. Everyday I look at her and the lessons she has taught me, I have to reminded myself how lucky of a guy I really am. To the next 7 years Lindsey…

  1. Look at you with the snazzy header! You will just love this, I can see it now. Thanks for sharing your story, and your heart. In fact, I’ve never heard this one. I see how I don’t get any props for taking a picture at the state track meet and callin it then! Hopefully seeing you both soon!

    • Ya I do like it alot. Even more than I first thought. Think it will great to read back on sometime. I don’t think my hair is quite that long now as it was in that picture but Im trying 🙂 Keep us posted…

    • Dad
    • August 15th, 2011

    Just as an addendum to your story….. If I hadn’t asked you out for her she’d probably still be living with us……miserable and alone……. making us miserable! And I bet she still asks you to go ask the man at the counter in McDonald’s for more ketsup packs!

    • That’s hilarious! And you absolutely can bet it all on she still askes me to get all of the fabulous “Anderson” condiments.

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